Monday, December 3, 2007

Elias first steps

So Elias took his 1st steps yesterday.. he is still not walking around by himself, but he will get there any day now. Me and Jer were

pretty excited about it and so was Elias. I can't believe how time just flies by and you forget so easily when they were so small

and how they would just sleep forever.. now i am constantly picking up blocks, and tupperware tripping over who knows what.

Its weird how you cant even go to the bathroom by yourself and how there always there to help take things out of the dishwasher

or help with the laundry.. no not help just try to grab at everything because they are so interested in what you are doing.

But i wouldnt change anything in my life right now.. i am so blessed with all i have and especially for this little ball of Joy that

leaves trails everythwhere he goes.. or is that Jeremy..haha!

PS For some reason i am not able to upload pics anymore.. who knows what is happening!