Monday, December 12, 2011

Nixon's Hernia Surgery

Nixon hernia surgery_11-10-11
Poor little Nixon had to go in for hernia surgery back in November and we were very blessed that everything turned out good. His surgery was scheduled for 10:50am but we had to arrive at 8:45am and he wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything since the night before. I was thinking ya right, he is going to be starving. Jeremy gave him a blessing before we left for the hospital and we were thankful that he wasn't asking for something to eat every 5 minutes like he does at home. He did really well and we tried to keep him occupied with games or movies on our phone, but 10:50 came and went and they were really behind and at about 11:50 he began to get very upset, he was hungry and bored and well so was I. We finally made it into surgery at 12:40 and he was beyond ready to go, they had me take him into the surgery room, thank goodness, because he would have lost it if they would have taken him from me. I walked into a very shiny and clean room with bright lights and surgeons and nurses waiting, it was kind of scary, I really didn't want to leave him. I set him on the bed while they put him to sleep, Nixon was holding my arms for dear life and I couldn't help but tear up as his eyes rolled back and he fell asleep. Then the surgeon said, we'll take good care of him and asked me to leave. It was really hard, I mean trusting someone to take good care of your baby and hope that all goes well and you will see him awake shortly. I don't know how I was expecting to feel, but I was upset and praying that he would be okay. Soon enough the Doctor came out and said everything had gone very well, the surgery usually takes an hour so and he was out talking with us in less than a 1/2hr.. he said he had never had a hernia surgery go so perfectly, usually it takes a while to find the canal to close off, but it was right there when he made the incision, we were really blessed and very happy!
Then we got to see our Nixon and boy was he NOT happy, he was very scared and was crying uncontrollably for a while, he hated having the IV in his arm. Let's just say it was a very long day, we didn't leave the hospital until 4:00pm and then we stayed overnight in Calgary again. But seriously Nixon was back to himself in no time, only hours after his surgery he was jumping from bed to bed and we had to keep telling him not to be so wild because he could tear his stitches.
But that's Nixon for ya, he was a champ!
Nixon hernia surgery_ pic2 11-10-11
right before heading into surgery, 
and seriously whats with the pants? I just kept on thinking of the little kids in the jewish camps, even though they wore blue stripes, it made me sad :(