Monday, April 27, 2009

maybe i'm a little bias..

Okay so isn't he the cutest thing ever?? maybe i am a little bias, but seriously.. and i can't believe he is almost 2 months old already.. time has sure flow by.. man due i ever LOVE Nixon.. we have been sooo truly blessed especially with everything that happened to the poor little guy.. i am so thankful i get to see this sweet smiling baby boy everyday!! 
We are also headed to Alberta on Wednesday.. i am going home for 2 weeks while Jeremy is in Finals, I am being brave and traveling with the boys all by myself so hopefully the 6hr drive wont be a nightmare.. wish me luck!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Belated Easter & the massive chocolate ball

So i still wanted to get some pics up of Easter time even though its waaayy late.. i kinda forgot about these pics.. 
Jeremy saw this chocolate soccer ball and just couldnt resist getting it for elias he thought it was soo awesome.. isnt it soo big!! I almost died when he brought it home, haha.
Elias of course was in heaven and actually it was really good chocolate so we all enjoyed it. 
I tried to get a few pics of the boys together chilling on the air matress Easter morning, elias of course wasnt too into it at first but then i got a few good ones. I can't believe how different Nixon looks already from when these were taken.. wow, you forget just how really fast they do grow.
i just love having 2 boys its so fun!

excited much!.. even Elias can't believe how lucky he is.
digging right into the massive chocolate soccer ball...
I think this pic is soo funny of elias.. this is the look he gave me when i wanted a pic of him with Nixon..thrilled eh??
brothers...much better

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nixon, newborn photoshoot

I just love this pic and his flaky foot  curled up beside his face.. so fresh and new!
Well i finally got through some of the newborn pics of Nixon that i took when he was only 6 days old. Here is a sample of some, but check out my photography here to see the rest!!. I am pretty happy about how they turned out.. i think this shoot is my most favorite newborn shoot to date, and not only because he is sooo cute and is my baby, but it was so fun to be able to mold him and do whatever i wanted to him. I have never photographed a newborn this little so it was such a Joy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Scariest Experience of my Life!

Poor little Nixon at 1 month old..
Entry written at the Hospital:

Saturday April. 3rd: 
Well what started out as a long week with Elias and Nixon being sick turned into a Nightmare on Friday the 3rd. Nixon had been quite sick for the past few days with a bad cough and stuffed up nose and after taking him to the doctor on Thursday and they said he just had a bad cold i assumed on Friday when he was really pale and wouldnt eat that he was just really sick and would soon get better. 

It wasnt until about 3:30 that day when i realized Nixon looked Very pale and his lips looked almost blue as he was sitting in his swing. I was really concerned and so i picked him up and held him for the next 1/2hr, when i realized he had turned really blue and gone completely limp like a rag doll. I started freaking out and checked his breathing.. nothing! I was trying everything to get some kind of reaction from him as i was yelling his name.. still nothing. He honestly looked dead and i thought he might be.. it was BEYOND SCARY!!! 
Just as i was going to call 911 I felt like i should stick my finger in his mouth and down his throat a bit since he had been choking on a lot of flem that day.. as i did this he kinda coughed and started breathing again, his color started to return a bit but he still looked sooo sick. 
I just started bawling my eyes out.. because honestly i just couldnt believe what had just happened and I had almost lost him- he had really seemed dead to me.
I then called Jeremy on his cell and he happened to be off early from school, which never happens and was almost home. When he arrived i gave him Nixon and he too thought he did not look good at all but thought maybe i had over reacted earlier. Then about another 10 minutes later as i was on the phone with the doctors office i looked down again and he was very limp, very blue and his eyes rolled back and he stopped breathing AGAIN!! I started screaming"he's not breathing" and gave Nixon to jeremy..he tried getting some reaction from Nixon and i could tell Jer was really scared too and then he began CPR on Nixon. Just as i was picking up the phone to call 911 again Nixon started breathing.. and his color started coming back.. I was freaking out sooo bad and we immediately when to the ER to see what was wrong.  

When we arrived his heart rate was really high and the nurses started doing tests on him. Jeremy decided to take Elias for dinner as i was waiting for the doctor to come. After about 10 minutes of waiting i noticed he was turning blue again and just as i was leaving the room to get help-  2 doctors walked in and when they saw Nixon they immediately looked worried and took Nixon from me and started hooking him up to IV's and oxygen and another 2 nurses rushed in to help as well. I was bawling my eyes out not knowing what was going on. Once they got Nixon hooked up to the oxygen and his heart rate went down they explained he was okay for now, but needed further tests to see what was going on. That was so scary and i hated be all alone. 

They then had to get x rays, which was such a horrible experience for poor little Nixon , he was screaming soo much and i felt so bad and so guilty. Then he needed a "spinal tap" to rule out meningitis (because his xray came back showing an infection in the lungs). They used those Huge needles like you get for an epideral.. they wouldn't let me stay with him either when they did it.. i felt so helpless. 

This ones my favorite.. he looks like he smiling at me.
Nixon was such a tough little guy..
Today (Saturday) we found out that Nixon has Pneumonia and RSV (a respiratory virus). He got RSV first, which was a viral infection in the nose, but because he is only 1 month and soo little he couldnt fight the infection and the infection travelled down into his lungs causing a bacterial infection called pneumonia. Man, poor little guy he has been through so much, hopefully tomorrow he will start getting better. 

Sunday the 4th: Well he went through the whole night breathing without oxygen and he is looking and acting ssoo much better now so we get to go home today.  YAY!!!

And as i look over at my beautiful baby boy lying in the hospital crib i cant help but feel 
so blessed  and so thankful. Its also very hard not to reflect on how close we came to losing him as well. Life is just so precious and i am sooo grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who i Know was watching over Nixon and protecting him. He is so special and i hope i never forget this experience despite how incredibly scary it was i hope i never forget how special my kids are and how much joy they bring into our lives. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The cutest compliment...

Well i know Nixon is only a month old..but i can already tell that the baby fat isnt going to just go away like last time and as i was getting ready for the RS party and trying on everything in my closet and feeling like everything was too tight, just didnt fit right and well just not feeling very cute at all.. Elias walks by in the hallway, and as i am looking in the mirror... 

He pulls on my shirt and says: looks so cute... mom! 

No lie, just like that.. It was sooo funny, just the way he said it was sooo cute. Both me and Jer just started laughing. Elias had been watching me trying clothes on and heard me complaining to Jer that nothing looked good, its just soo funny what kids pick up.

What a little sweetie.. instantly i felt better- thanks little buddy. 

A long week so far... poor boys are both sick .. 

First Elias got sick on the weekend, He had a fever and a cold.. and was up all night on the weekend.. then he seemed to be getting over it until today his cough and nose seemed worse, so who knows how he will feel tomorrow. Then as soon as Elias was kinda feeling better of course Nixon has gotten sick now. For the past 2 days he has been coughing and has a stuffed up nose, at least no fever yet. But its so sad because he is so little and hearing him cough breaks my heart.  
And to top things off, Elias has been really acting out.. these past days its been never ending crying, whining, and not listening. I think to add to being sick, he is acting out because of Nixon. If i am feeding Nixon and he wants me, he will push Nixon or try to get my attention through negative behavior. 
This was the one and only pic i got of them together..

Its been a trying week, but at least the weather seems to be getting nicer, i have been so eager everyday to let the sunlight pour in making us feel a little better and hoping spring will just be here to stay already.  Despite Nixon not being too happy, i did manage to get one pic of my two boys together-man do i love them..