Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Jer!!

Well what can i say.. he is the man i love, my best friend and the greatest father elias could ask for. I am so proud of the person he is, how hard he works at everything he does, especially school. Always willing to help anyone and always with a sincere heart, i have learned alot through out our marriage over the years about Jeremy and i think the one thing i admire most about him is his heart. He really is the kindest, and most  non-judgmental person i know.  Always willing to help out anyone at the drop of  a hat and so friendly with everyone around him. He also very outgoing,  always up for anything, and loves to be out doing something whether its playing sports or out with friends, he's also a night-owl for sure and quite funny too..well i think so anyways. I think one of the first things i fell in love with was his smile.. and thats why i like this picture..his smile still gets me..

I feel really bad for him today though, the one day that supposed to be great and Jeremy is really sick. Actually for the past 3 days Elias has been throwing up and been quite sick with the flu and now poor jeremy has got it. He came home early from school and tried to sleep it off, but now of course is off studying for a test tomorrow. So sorry you had a miserable birthday but hopefully we can celebrate soon, once he's up for it. 

I love you so much babe, Thank you for everything!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Elias turns 2!!!!! Happy Birthday...

Elias on his birthday, wearing his new shirt from Grandma Cooper.

It just seems so crazy to think Elias is 2 yrs old already. 
We celebrated his birthday with just a little party. Nothing spectacular, but special. 
I am really big on birthdays. I think its the one day that you really get to celebrate a special person. 
And so i really try no matter how little they are to make them feel like its their day on their birthday. We just had a few of his friends over for dessert, and i made a sweet race car track cake. He was pretty excited about it, mostly just to play with the cars from off the cake.  We also bought him a race track which he loved and was a big hit with all the boys too. He also got some cars, clothes, a Mr. Potato head and puzzle too from his friends. 

I love birthdays and was so glad to see Elias so happy on his big day! 

Check out the sweet Race Car Track cake i made, i am not the best at icing it. 

Everyone helping Elias open his gifts. 

Singing "Happy Birthday", he loved that everyone was singing to him.

Blowing out the candle, he needed some help, so i stepped in. 

a little bit excited after eating some cake,  can't ya tell.. 

Parker, Elias, Greta, Benjamin, and Carson (always Greta & the boys) 

Looks how big i am, 2yrs old! 

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Love story".. i just LOVE this song!!

I just LOVE this song, "Love story" by Taylor swift, but i especially love the music video.  The way they portray the song is sooo great, love the epic story mixed into present day.  

I am such a romantic and for all those that are too, you would love this video.

I saw Taylor Swift in concert when she was first starting out, she opened for Brad Paisley and she was really good, but this new song of her's is my favorite.

I have her new album, Fearless and its really good. But for sure, " love story" is my fave song, i can just play it over and over again and it makes me think of the dating years when you just cant get enough of eachother. 

Dont get me wrong Jeremy is still my "Romeo" and our life is my Love story, but its fun to think back and remember those fun, romantic times, when nothing in the world mattered but the two of you being together. 
No laundry, no cleaning, no photos to edit, no tantrums, no picking up toys, no cooking dinner.. ya know.. but still this is my life and my story now and i wouldnt change it for the world. Thanks to the two most important boys in my life. 

This song takes me back, out of my ordinary daily life, and sometimes ya just need that... if ya know what i mean...

Really listen to the words, they are soo great! 

Check out the song and video 

And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby boy Elias who is 2 years old today, i love you so much!! Pictures soon to come.....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good times, good friends..

So we finally got got to go on a date night, jeremy has been dying to go out for so long, so even though his birthday is in a few weeks and we will probably go out then, we just got a babysitter and went out with Kwynne and Dane to eat and to a movie. It was such a fun and relaxing night, i cant remember the last time we ate at a restaurant without Elias. A totally different experience. 
 Its been so fun to have my long lost best friend Kwynne living here now. Even though we rarely get to hang out, we have been trying on the weekends and have had some fun times .
Its amazing that even when you haven't seen or been with a good friend for so long, how you can just pick up right where you left off and its just like old times again. Jeremy and Dane, i am sure just think we are so retarded, dying laughing over the stupidist things and bringing up old "Barnwell" day stories. 

Anyways so that was our fun night out, and it really needs to happen more often, even when its expensive and even when we cant afford it. Those nights are so important to us as a couple and to our relationship.