Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day... belated post

So i have been meaning to post something about my special mothers day..but as usual never get on here soon enough.. but after reading Laura's blog on mother's.. thanks laura, i remembered to write.

Anyways so here are the really beautiful flowers Jeremy gave me.. they probably look weird and are not your average bouquet, but he picked them for me. He asked what kind i wanted and i said something different and well, that is what they are. Jer said they reminded him of our trip to Hawaii and then i loved them even more.. they even smelled like Hawaii. 

Its been a while since i have recieved flowers, and that is why i love special days, because honestly those Holidays makes him remember and so i dont care how much flowers are or dinner is, when he plans it and makes an effort.. I am just so thankful, even if i have to remind him..Thank you baby for the best Mothers day ever, and for the dinner as well at my Fave place St.tropez.. thanks for taking the time to plan a special day for me..


I also just wanted to say as well how much i love being a mom, honestly i love it, i really feel so blessed to be a mom and to be able to spend all my time with Elias. Also i am sooooo thankful for my MOM, she is seriously one of my best friends, i love spending my time with her, shopping, talking and so on, and she is so awesome with Elias. I am also thankful for my Mother in Law, she is so wonderful and such a great example to me,  she always greets me with open arms and i always feel so welcome. We miss her very much, especially since her and Gary are serving a mission.. 

Anyways hope everyone had a good mothers day and i Hope you all know how Great Mothers you are and how special that job is!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nae & Elias

just wanted to add a quick pic of my sister Renae and elias hanging out by the police car.. Elias loved the lights and i just love this picture of them.. 
i was so proud of renae for graduating from the police academy and have more pics
to come on our b.c trip soon...


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1st time for everything....

So last week we went to alberta for Kwynne's wedding...

WEll its true.. there is a first time for everything and it sure was.. MY 1st Wedding.. 

Wow.. it was so fun and such a great day at the Cardston Temple.. I was quite nervous.. but

honestly once i pulled out my camera and started shooting.. i was in my element. It was so 

awesome to be a part of Kwynne and Dane's special day.. there is something really neat about 

capturing those moments on a wedding day.  I took SOOOO many pictures.. and I now know 

why photographers charge so much for weddings.. it was a long day at the temple and then the

reception and  Now even more work... Oh well, what can i say.. I LOVE it!!!


Here is a funny pic jeremy took of me.. i guess you do whatever to get the shot right?? i had a wedding pic like this and really loved it so thought we'd try it out...


anyways, well now me and Elias are off to Vancouver tomorrow, our flight leaves at 6:20.. so bright and early.. My sister, Renae is graduating from the Police Academy and so i am going out there with my mom and dad and Rowan.. i am pretty excited, Renae hasn't seen Elias since he was 3 weeks old.. so it should be a fun time.. lets hope the flight goes okay with Elias.. lots of snack and baby einstein should hold him over.. well see ya later.. and of course of have lots of pics from your trip.. haha

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best buddies

Elias and Greta, the best of buddies... we were just out for a nice stroll down by the river, it was so nice to get out in the beautiful weather...


I just LOVE this pic of the two of them..


Hugs.. oh so nice...



this is my new favorite photo of Elias.. he looks like such a big boy just chilling..


out for an icecream cone at the Red Bus with Krystyn and Greta.. 
check out Elias' face.. too funny!


enjoying his first actual icecream cone...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

OKay so I know its been forever....

Well its officially been over a month since my last post.. i dont know where time has gone..

this last month has flow by..

well what have we been up too these past weeks...

Well i went home for a visit like 3 weeks ago, i finally had some time from not watching Luke,doing pictures and Jeremy was busy

studying so i decided to head for home. It was really great to just chill with my family, especially with my mom. I even got to visit

Jer's family for a bit.. it was really nice to see everyone! It was also fun to hang with my sweet niece Saige.. she is such a great

helper with Elias and we had lots of fun having sleepover's and having some fun taking pictures.. she says she wants to be a

photographer when she grows up too... what a cutie!! here are a few pics from the trip...


as happy as can be, chilling in the grandma's red wagon


Do you think he could be any happier about a wagon ride???


a little photographer in the making... 

WE also have been really enjoying the outdoors lately.. been going to the parks and going on lots of walks..

a few weeks ago we went to the park and had a fun time playing and had a picnic lunch as well..with Krystyn and Greta and Karen and Ben.


me and little buddy


a typical face these days for pictures.. haha

Well this is just a slight update.. more to come