Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day... belated post

So i have been meaning to post something about my special mothers day..but as usual never get on here soon enough.. but after reading Laura's blog on mother's.. thanks laura, i remembered to write.

Anyways so here are the really beautiful flowers Jeremy gave me.. they probably look weird and are not your average bouquet, but he picked them for me. He asked what kind i wanted and i said something different and well, that is what they are. Jer said they reminded him of our trip to Hawaii and then i loved them even more.. they even smelled like Hawaii. 

Its been a while since i have recieved flowers, and that is why i love special days, because honestly those Holidays makes him remember and so i dont care how much flowers are or dinner is, when he plans it and makes an effort.. I am just so thankful, even if i have to remind him..Thank you baby for the best Mothers day ever, and for the dinner as well at my Fave place St.tropez.. thanks for taking the time to plan a special day for me..


I also just wanted to say as well how much i love being a mom, honestly i love it, i really feel so blessed to be a mom and to be able to spend all my time with Elias. Also i am sooooo thankful for my MOM, she is seriously one of my best friends, i love spending my time with her, shopping, talking and so on, and she is so awesome with Elias. I am also thankful for my Mother in Law, she is so wonderful and such a great example to me,  she always greets me with open arms and i always feel so welcome. We miss her very much, especially since her and Gary are serving a mission.. 

Anyways hope everyone had a good mothers day and i Hope you all know how Great Mothers you are and how special that job is!!!


Laura said...

What a nice post Rachelle, and those flowers are really cool.

ec said...

holy crap. those are the flowers you were telling me about. they are a m a z i n g.