Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Christmas Card and Letter

So we are off to Alberta for christmas!!! yea i am so excited to be going home, can't wait to see all our family and spend lots of time doing, well nothing really.. but ain't that the best. I'm not officially leaving until Monday morning. Jeremy isn't done finals until Friday, so we are going early to give him some much needed study time. Here is the christmas card and letter that we sent out this year, well actually its our first christmas card ever and it turned out darn pretty cute so i think, it took some much needed tweaking in photoshop to get it to where i liked it..don't feel bad if you didn't receive one, its hard tracking down everyone's addresses and sending them in the mail, mostly just family and some close friends got them. But for everyone else, we hope you have the best christmas ever, and an awesome christmas holidays!!  Luv, The Coopers

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Open W i d e!

Elias went to the Dentist for the 1st time last week, and guess who he got to see? Thats right, Daddy-soon to be "Dr".Cooper. He was pretty excited to go see dad, but since 2 students didnt show up to school and Jeremy had to work on their patients we ended up waiting an hour. By that time the excitement was over and it took some bribing to get Elias to even let Jer put anything near his mouth.. at first i had to get in the chair and have Elias sit on my lap, but eventually he did well and actually was happy in the end. It was also nice to see Jeremy in action, i have been wanting to get some pics of him for along time at the school, so it was fun to watch him working on patients and seeing what he does all day long while he's away from us.

Elias laughs his head off whenever he see this picture on the bottom right..he thinks he looks soo funny.

Monday, December 7, 2009

9 months..already

LOVE this photo, love..
Nixon's 9 mths. officially was on the 4th.

and what's he up to at 9mths, well quite a bit.
-he is crawling everywhere.. well more like dragging himself, its faster. He especially likes the kitchen, under the christmas tree and of course the book shelfs. I am soooo in trouble.
- His top two teeth are coming in (that will be 4 in total).. so he hasnt been the happiest thing these days, well who am i kidding still pretty happy. The nights have been a little rough for the past few days though, not much sleep here.
-He is pulling himself up, started this week.
-He now officially sits up in the shopping cart, well kind of (some leaning going on and the belt really tight), but i love not having to take his car seat with me, it takes up the whole darn cart...
-He loves his big brother and loves even more-destroying anything Elias is playing with... haha, Elias gets pretty mad sometimes its funny.
-This month checkup he was 94% for height, 67% for weight and 70% for head.

he LOVES getting into the books ever chance he can

okay so the best pic ever, haha love his face!
i love this kid soo much, his smile just lights you up

i am so very blessed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


all ready for church and looking so stinkin cute to boot!

man i love these boys. they are becoming such good brothers, laughing and playing together, i hope they will continue to be the best of buddies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


so last week Elias finshed up his gymnastics class, officially called Tumbleweeds at the U of S. He was joined by his two little friends, Ben and Lainey as well.

i can't even begin to tell you how much he loved this class... to be able to run around, dance, jump on everything, swing and be silly. how much more can a boy want?

the rings were by far his favorite 

lainey and elias racing

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chicken milk???

or should i say egg nog. That is what Elias calls it, yes.. "chicken milk" thanks to his dad.
This was the first year elias has had egg nog or"chicken milk".
It all started because if you look on the back of the egg nog carton it says lait de poule, which of course means egg nog in french but it really seems like milk de chicken or chicken milk, (though chicken in french is actually poulet). that is what Jeremy told Elias its called and that is the only thing he will call it-the only thing. Even when i say egg nog he will correct me and say no mom its "chicken milk".
At first it sounded so disgusting and well still does, but now i am used to it these days. I never thought our christmas traditions would include the words "chicken milk" but now they do.
This week we put up the tree.. it was so fun to see how excited Elias was.. he was jumping up and down trying to help me with the lights. All night long, he kept saying, "That is the most beautiful tree i have ever seen", it was really cute! We watched "The Polar Express" while decorating. It was Elias' first time watching it and yes we had "chicken milk" too. It was such a fun Family Home Evening and a great night to start off with Christmas. I can't wait for christmas this year, can't wait to see our families, can't wait to see all the decorations at my mom's, can't wait to go to christmas parties and to go to the cabin.. but especially for Elias he is really into Christmas now, he knows who Santa is and baby jesus and is so excited about presents.. it will be fun to see him on christmas morning.

                      Elias 3yrs, Nixon 9mths

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My man's 29!

i know disgusting moustache.. read on.
happy birthday Babe.

It was Jeremy's birthday yesterday, he is the big 29! Wow so close to 30 that seems weird. To celebrate we were going to have a night on the town, just the two of us.. (finally) but Nixon wasn't feeling well and so the weekend was shot. Instead we just went out to Earls on Tuesday (with the kids) and had some delicious food, the gingerbread cake was awesome. The kids actually were really good and we had a nice time.

the best dessert ever, gingerbread cake with fried apples and icrecream.. but actually it looks like meatloaf, fries & mashed potatoes here ..haha

Overall i just want Jeremy to know how much we love him and how much we miss him everyday when he is gone.. Elias all day long is saying "i really miss Daddy" and i know exactly how he feels. School is already coming to a close so fast and then we will hopefully have alot more time with Jer once he is done.
Babe, we are so proud of you, u are the best husband and father we could ask for. You work so hard for us and treat us soo good.
Happy Birthday, we love you!

p.s oh and ya i know your thinking whats with the moustache.. well its for cancer i guess.. called Movember (moustaches for the month of November) all his buddies have them and they are pretty nasty, jeremy's is probably one of most half decent out of the guys because its so light.. oh i cant wait tell december so its gone.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Party time!!

OKay so this year for Elias' 3rd birthday i decided i really wanted a PARTY!! Our place is soooo small and barely has enough room for friends over let alone lots of 2 and 3 year olds running around filled with sugar. So i ended up renting a preschool room at our civic centre for sooo cheap, i mean i spent more on the stinkin balloons..
It had plenty of space and indoor play stuff for the kids, endless entertainment.

Since this is our last year here, and most likely Elias wont see many of his little friends again, i really wanted to invite as many of them as i could.. well not knowing there was a limit of how many people i could have and forgetting that all his little friends have at least a sibling that would be coming as well.. i kind invited ALOT of people and in the end was ssooo stressed about leaving certain people out as well.. so if you weren't at this party know that i was feeling really bad that i couldn't invite everyone.. in the end it was alot of fun and i felt good about having the friends that Elias plays with and knows the most there to celebrate.

Overall i think the kids had a blast playing and Elias has never had so many gifts.. the pinata' was a big hit with the kids as well (thats what elias talked most about after).

*Check out this video: Elias gets whacked in the head by the pinata and at the very end Elias knocks Owen right in the face, its pretty funny, but poor little dude. sorry there's a lot going on and its hard to see.. so watch close. i so wish i could make this video bigger because owen's face is priceless ..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elias turns 3!

Well its here, i mean Elias' 3rd birthday.. i cant believe how fast its come.
I remember thinking when he was born, that when he was 3.5yrs we would be done dental school and now its almost here.
I remember thinking that i was going to try to not forget how small he was and not forget how he did and said certain things, and that he would always be my baby. Because i remember people always telling me, they grow so fast, take it all in.. but i never thought he would really go that fast.

I tried to take it all in and i tried to hold onto him being so small.. but its hard too when your little baby was never that little to begin with. One of my favorite children's books is "Let Me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. It talks all about the "lasts" in a child's life, the little things we dont pay attention to because were so busy celebrating all the first's and wanting them to grow up. And as i was reading this book to Elias last night,  i choked back the tears.. because really he has already had some of those lasts.

"The last time that i held a bottle to your baby lips.
 The last time that i lifted you and held you on my hip.
 The last night when you woke up crying, needing to be walked, 
 The last time when i got your soother and blankey and with you I rocked."

and as i helped Elias get into bed last night after a long day and a fun party (pics soon to come)..I realized that Elias is too big and too heavy for me to hold him like i wish i could still and that makes me a little sad as he turns three.
I hope to hold onto him just a little longer, at least until his next birthday..

and some things about Elias at age 3:
-he loves anything to do with sports, especially hockey and golf
-climbs and jumps off of everything
- loves to Dance, nickname "twinkle toes"
-is soooo loud!
-is a good helper
-is potty trained, even mostly at night
-loves superheros, favorite these days: Spiderman
-still loves having a sippycup
-likes to snuggle now
-can undress himself, but hates getting dressed by himself.
-prefers to wear comfy shorts ALL the time
-LOVES "backyardigans" the cartoon
-loves stickers, painting, playing in the sink
-is constantly opening the fridge for a drink or food (drives me crazy)
- loves his blue blankie and having a big boy ("cars")backpack like daddy.
-loves to compliment you, and loves getting compliments in return (he always says "sweet shirt" or "sweet pants".. and then waits or asks for you to return the favor, its so funny)
-must have his lamp on at night
-is turning into such a nice big brother..finally. He is so good to tell me when nixon has something in his mouth or is into something, they play silly games together and laugh i love watching them play.
- cannot sit still, sunbeams is going to be hard..
-Has the best and loudest welcomes and bear hugs when you walk in the door, i love it.
-is in 4T clothes and size 10 shoes.

i love you little buddy, Happy Birthday!

these seem like only yesterday...

Friday, November 13, 2009


poor little dude, first it was bronchitis for both my kids 1.5 wks ago and then after a rough night with Nixon and a temp peaking at 103.7 F (i was scared) we found out today that he has bad ear infections in both ears.. ya that would really suck.

despite it all he is still smiling.. what a little trooper.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Just Dance"

 I love to dance so we get a lot practise (my daily exercise) and Elias in the process learns some pretty nice dance moves.

You'll notice Elias is just wearing shorts and no shirt, his favorite attire these days and displays some sweet dance moves-that i credit to myself-us Hansen's are know for some nice moves on the dance floor, they might possibly be a little nerdy at times, but still well known. On any given day we get our groove on, at least once, our song these days is "I've Got a Feeling"by Black Eye Peas. Whenever Elias hears it, when we are driving or out and about he says, "It's our song, mom" and starts dancing..

Needless to say Elias is know as twinkle toes, and is also known for some serious booty shaking. In the summer at a Family Dental BBQ/Dance the dance tunes came on and Elias took that opportunity to get up and dance with all the single ladies there, it was so hilarious, everyone was dying laughing-there in the circle of all the single ladies was Elias totally shaking it,

seriously so priceless.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

my little skeleton & pirate

Okay so it was halloween, and i love halloween.

i love dressing up and having sweets and well especially dressing the boys.
This year i found the best pirate costume for Elias, everywhere we went people were laughing at how cute he looked, especially with his sweet gold earring, ya that was my favorite part too. He was saying ARRRGG all week and especially loved that he got to have a sword too.
And then i happened upon this cute skeleton sleeper for Nixon, and didnt realize until after i bought it that they would totally be matching for halloween, and well you know anything that can make a picture cuter is right up my alley. (:
This year the boys got to dress up 3 times, which was pretty fun. We had a little kids church party, then a sweet halloween party by krysytn and laura, i swear krystyn should hire out for parties she did so awesome! And then trick or treating come saturday... all in all awesome halloween. I seriosuly can't wait until we are done school and i can have a sweet adult halloween party and get some fabulous decor.

So on with the pictures...

could quite possibly be my favorite picture ever!

gotta love this.

and of course a group pic

Elias & Greta (the cutest bumblebee ever)

Kwynne's little Molly

and off to trick& treat..finally!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Go Blades Go!!

So we love hockey in our family and have been meaning to take Elias to a blades game in a long time.

Finally we decided to go and my cousin Tyler was playing for the opposing team, the Blazers as well.
We took Jost, Elias' little buddy and Dustin and Julia came as well.

Jost and Elias had SOOO much fun, they got sweet blades tattoos and makeup put on, they looked so cute.
They had fun cheering up the blades and eating popcorn.

We had to leave earlier cuz the boys got too tired, but overall it was fun to get out as a family, i know Elias is eager to start hockey and if its up to Jer he will be playing much to my dismay.

cheering on the blades!!

their sweet tattoos

Nixon, Jeremy and my cousin Julia

Yelling for the blades, they were sooo LOUD!

at last but not least this SWEET pic of Jost, who knows what he was doing..haha

Catchup... part 2

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catchup... part 1

So okay i know, sometimes i blog like 3 times a week, but for the most part it seems that i am always behind on blogging and yet again here we are.
So some pics and highlights of the Dental Banquet that was like almost a month ago.. i know, i know

I for sure wanted to post this time since it was our LAST dental banquet if you can believe it and it was also more special because Jeremy and Dyck were the MC's for the night.
It was alot of fun and the guys did such a good job, i was actually surprised at how much i laughed and people kept telling me all night that they didnt know Jeremy was that funny, well i didnt either..jks.

The wives club..haha

jeremy & dyck doing a fine MC job

the ladies...

the fellas..

Jeremy's soon to be Class of 2010

These pics are officially for my sister Renae, i knew she would get a good laugh out of my nerdy dance moves.
Besides the delicious meal and the great MC job by the guys, we ended the night off with some much needed dance moves on the dance floor. seriously i love to dance, it was so fun being silly and dancing it up with Karen, Krystyn & Dyck and also Ronna and Heather jumped in too.. it was really good to get out and get all dressed up.