Friday, November 20, 2009

Party time!!

OKay so this year for Elias' 3rd birthday i decided i really wanted a PARTY!! Our place is soooo small and barely has enough room for friends over let alone lots of 2 and 3 year olds running around filled with sugar. So i ended up renting a preschool room at our civic centre for sooo cheap, i mean i spent more on the stinkin balloons..
It had plenty of space and indoor play stuff for the kids, endless entertainment.

Since this is our last year here, and most likely Elias wont see many of his little friends again, i really wanted to invite as many of them as i could.. well not knowing there was a limit of how many people i could have and forgetting that all his little friends have at least a sibling that would be coming as well.. i kind invited ALOT of people and in the end was ssooo stressed about leaving certain people out as well.. so if you weren't at this party know that i was feeling really bad that i couldn't invite everyone.. in the end it was alot of fun and i felt good about having the friends that Elias plays with and knows the most there to celebrate.

Overall i think the kids had a blast playing and Elias has never had so many gifts.. the pinata' was a big hit with the kids as well (thats what elias talked most about after).

*Check out this video: Elias gets whacked in the head by the pinata and at the very end Elias knocks Owen right in the face, its pretty funny, but poor little dude. sorry there's a lot going on and its hard to see.. so watch close. i so wish i could make this video bigger because owen's face is priceless ..


missLaura said...

that was a great party! I love Nixon in the background in the first picture of you & Elias. Too cute.

the burnt daisy said...

Happy 3rd bday! 3 is a big one, they aren't really toddlers anymore and they get too smart for their own good! haha looks like a fun party and you look great! Do you know where you guys are moving too after school?

krystyn said...

that was a sweet party! i cant believe how big all of the kids are getting! love the video, glad no one ended up in the emergency room!

saigehansen said...

HAHA that's so cute! I think I saw Nixon crawling in one pic? Love you! HAppy birthday buddy!

Love 'auntie' (lol) Saige

Debster said...

Sounds like a fun party- good idea to rent the civic center. Elias looks so big! And Nixon too.

Chantelle Slocombe said...

That's a great idea!! looked like it was a success!

Karen said...

happy birthday little buddy. the party place was the sweetest idea ever! Ben's favourite part was the pretzels i think. i think he sat at the food table for quite a while!