Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chicken milk???

or should i say egg nog. That is what Elias calls it, yes.. "chicken milk" thanks to his dad.
This was the first year elias has had egg nog or"chicken milk".
It all started because if you look on the back of the egg nog carton it says lait de poule, which of course means egg nog in french but it really seems like milk de chicken or chicken milk, (though chicken in french is actually poulet). that is what Jeremy told Elias its called and that is the only thing he will call it-the only thing. Even when i say egg nog he will correct me and say no mom its "chicken milk".
At first it sounded so disgusting and well still does, but now i am used to it these days. I never thought our christmas traditions would include the words "chicken milk" but now they do.
This week we put up the tree.. it was so fun to see how excited Elias was.. he was jumping up and down trying to help me with the lights. All night long, he kept saying, "That is the most beautiful tree i have ever seen", it was really cute! We watched "The Polar Express" while decorating. It was Elias' first time watching it and yes we had "chicken milk" too. It was such a fun Family Home Evening and a great night to start off with Christmas. I can't wait for christmas this year, can't wait to see our families, can't wait to see all the decorations at my mom's, can't wait to go to christmas parties and to go to the cabin.. but especially for Elias he is really into Christmas now, he knows who Santa is and baby jesus and is so excited about presents.. it will be fun to see him on christmas morning.

                      Elias 3yrs, Nixon 9mths


Lindsay Prete said...

That is so funny because Brian tells our kids all the time that egg nog is chicken milk. Tayson use to call it chicken milk and Calvi still does. She won't call it egg nog either. Hope you guys have a great Christmas.

saigehansen said... cute! Love you boys! And auntie Rachelle and Uncle 'Germy'! XOXOXO

-Love, Saige

CGibb said...

That's so cute. I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to drink egg nog now without thinking it's really chicken milk.

Angie said...

elias cracks me up, i love how "chicken milk" makes perfect sense to a 3 year old!

krystyn said...

gag. you guys enjoy your chicken milk. i hate that stuff. hilarious name though. and the picture is adorable!

missLaura said...

chicken milk is the sickest way to describe egg nog. We call it Christmas milk. Your kids are so cute!!!

Sharon said...

Mmmmm chicken milk. Yup, doesn't sound very appetizing. :) But neither does egg nog if you think about it.
What a great FHE! I love Christmas too.

saigehansen said...

So big SO fast! I miss you guys! When are you coming out? Tell those boys how much 'auntie' Saige loves them! Love you Auntie Shell and Uncle 'Germy'! Merry Christmas!