Monday, September 20, 2010

so it begins.. preschool.

elias-preschool_8334 copyw
Well its here.. Elias officially started preschool last week and has been loving it! He goes twice a week for 2.5yrs and those hours are sweet heaven..for both of us. I am not going to lie I wasn't sad at all, more excited for him.. maybe i could see kindergarten being a sad day, since they are gone all day.. but when its just a few hours a week its great! My house is so quiet and i can get a lot more done.. plus he loves the break from us too. And i love how excited he is too see both Me and Nixon when we pick him up.. we both always get big bear hugs and the best smile when we arrive..
elias-preschool_8337 copyw
lookin so grown up..
elias-preschool_8339 copyw
it was really neat, walking into Barnwell school with Elias, 
reminiscing about all the good memories i had here as a child and hoping the best for him.
elias-preschool_8342 copyw

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

part 2, family photos & our new little "buddy"

buddy_8346 copy
Okay so after last post, i had a few wondering who the latest addition to our family is, and NO its not a baby, nor I'm i pregnant.. its just "buddy" our little dog. We got him in August from Jeremy's brother, his family moved to the Carribean for medical school and asked if we wanted him.. of course Jer said yes, he has been wanting a dog for as long as i can remember, even though its not a BIG dog like he wants, he'll take buddy for sure. I wasn't too keen on having a dog, but really buddy is so low maintenance its almost like he isn't even here half the time. Buddy is 9 yrs old, he look likes a puppy because he is so small, he is a yorkie terrie, but about half the size of a regular one. He really is the best, so small so you can take him anywhere, he doesn't shed hair- which is HUGE, he rarely barks (only shortly when he gets excited and wants to come with us), fully potty trained and you don't even have to walk him and he is soo good.. he listens and is great with the kids. All in all a great little dog and we have really grown fond of him already, especially the boys. Elias loves to take him for walks and Nixon is always following after, i think it would be hard to go from buddy to a big dog now..
buddy_8361 copy
buddy&nixon_8324 copy
Nixon and buddy enjoying a popsicle outside..
Also in August we got some family photos done, i finally got around to editing them and for the most part they turned out good.. couldn't get my boys to smile or really sit still.. but none the less i was happy.
I am going to put some on my wall and want a big one of the family, any comments would be great on which one you like the best..and bw or color. Oh ya and i keep forgetting cause it been a while for me but i finally went blonde and i really like it. i have been wanting to try it out forever and i am so glad i took the plunge and did it, there is something to be said about being a blonde, its fun and different.
Familyphotos2010_5586 Rusty1w
Familyphotos 2010_5586 copybww
i am thinking this one maybe, bw or color??
familyphotos_5601 copyw
familyphotos_5671 copyw

familyphotos_5655 copyw

familyphotos_5658 copybwweb

familyphotos_5635 copyweb

familyphotos_5644 copy*

familyphotos_5590 copyw

or this one??
familyphoto_5590 copybww

familyphotos_5598 copyw

and these two i love.
familyphotos_5608 copyw

Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer come and Gone, part 1

Hansen cabin 2010-1 copyweb
So summer for us was a little busy, but oh so fun. Especially July.. i was gone so much. It honestly felt like i was living out of a suitcase for a month. And then August and now were into September. It's been so long i dont even know what to write.. finally i have been able to upload some pics.. i have been having major problems with my photos changing color when i upload them onto my blog.. but i think i am good now that i have switched to flickr. cross my fingers.

For the most part our summer was spent at Echo Lake.. mostly at my parents cabin but also a week at the Cooper cabin and we also had Barnwell Days.
In July we spent a good couple weeks at my parents cabin in Montana. Most of my family all made it out, so it was ALOT of fun. Jer had to work so could only make it on the weekends. For the most part we just played, and played in the sun.Tubing, wakeboarding, boating and even Elias did the skiier for the first time, he loved it so much. He was such a show-off trying to turn and waving at everyone on the shore as he went by. He even jumped off in the middle of the lake, just because he wanted to.. i thought he fell, but no he is just our brave little guy. He even would go tubing with all the big kids.. and he loved it!! I also got in my one wakeboard run of the year, ya know just to see if i can still get up and move across the wake..haha. Tubing with all the gang was the best, and we all had sore necks to prove it. So fun and so worth it!
Nixon was a champ in the water, loving the slide and sandboxes, but still clinging to me for the most part. The guys did a lot of fishing as well, well mostly my diehard Dad, Elias caught quite a few fish and was in heaven.
My mom made us all family reunion t shirts that were so cute! And we had a mini Olympics tourney.. with obstacle courses and games..  Overall a great couple weeks.
We also had a ton of fun with the Coopers, Elias can't get enough of playing with his cousins.. i barely saw him all week. He actually gave us quite a scare when he followed after the "big boys" and then got lost and was 7 cabins down the lake.. we were searching everywhere.. i was kinda freaking out a bit.. and thank goodness a man stopped him when he noticed he was all alone and trying to climb his fence to get around to the other side of the lake.. he was so determined that his cousins were over there. Elias hadn't noticed that his cousins had only gone next door and then back again and his cousins hadn't even known Elias had been following him.. anyways to say the least it was a relief when we found him, beyond relief!! anyways here's some of the few bizzilion pics i had from these good times..
hansen cabin 7878 copyweb

hansen cain 2010_7921 copyweb

hansen cabin 2010_7827 copyweb
my fam, what a bunch a nerds, tubing it up.
hansen cabin_7942 copyweb

hansen cabin 2010_7945 copyweb
Elias caught his 1st fish and he was beyond happy!
hansen cabin 2010_7838 copyweb
Elias went on the skiier for the 1st time and loved it! 
hansen cabin 2010_7885 copyweb

cooper cabin 2010_8092 copyweb
Nixon and mommy
cooper cabin_8115 copyweb
burying cousins in the sand, always fun.

Barnwell days was really alot of fun, the parade is small, but you get alot of candy and know everyone in it. My dad has a construction business and his name is Bob so he was "Bob the Builder" in the parade and Elias got to be his little "builder helper". Let's just say he couldnt have been happier dressing up and getting to throw candy to everyone passing by.. we also played in the family softball tourney and lost by 1 point in the finals.. went to the late night movie in the park and enjoyed the dinner and dance, overall great times!
barnwell days_7989 copyweb

barnwell days_8026 copyweb
so cute, elias and papa.
summer 2010_7055 copyweb
love this pic, i happened to catch elias mowing the lawn with his toy mower with Jer.
hansen cabin 2010_7966 copybw web
and lastly my cute monkey enjoying playing outside..

*More to come soon, Waterton, Cornfest days, our new little addition to the family and family photos.