Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Time!!!

Man do i ever love christmas.. everything about it makes me happy.. 

I was excited to put up the tree this year and the small amount of decor i have and I even got my stuff up the 3rd week in November. 
Elias just loves having the tree up and insists that the lights always be on, even during the day when u can barely see them, he whines for me to turn it on, its kinda funny. We also listen to christmas tunes everyday and dance around the coffee table. 

Anyways here are a few pics of christmas at our house......

As far as i know a snowman isnt part of the nativity, but Elias sure think so. I dont know why but whenever i move it back, he always knows its missing and puts it right back with the nativity.. its quite cute..

Sweet stockings eh?? I love them, thanks to my sister-in-law Kristen.. and i finally got the hooks on the sign from last year. 

I am pretty excited to be leaving on Tuesday to alberta for christmas holidays. Jeremy has been wanting me to go home so he can concentrate on his studies and not feel guilty for never being home, so we are outta here! I cant wait to be at home, my parents house is like the north pole, decorated like crazy and just so fun to be around..

So if i dont see everyone before we leave, Have a Merry Christmas!!! 

 and we'll miss you too honey!! 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Jer!!

Well what can i say.. he is the man i love, my best friend and the greatest father elias could ask for. I am so proud of the person he is, how hard he works at everything he does, especially school. Always willing to help anyone and always with a sincere heart, i have learned alot through out our marriage over the years about Jeremy and i think the one thing i admire most about him is his heart. He really is the kindest, and most  non-judgmental person i know.  Always willing to help out anyone at the drop of  a hat and so friendly with everyone around him. He also very outgoing,  always up for anything, and loves to be out doing something whether its playing sports or out with friends, he's also a night-owl for sure and quite funny too..well i think so anyways. I think one of the first things i fell in love with was his smile.. and thats why i like this picture..his smile still gets me..

I feel really bad for him today though, the one day that supposed to be great and Jeremy is really sick. Actually for the past 3 days Elias has been throwing up and been quite sick with the flu and now poor jeremy has got it. He came home early from school and tried to sleep it off, but now of course is off studying for a test tomorrow. So sorry you had a miserable birthday but hopefully we can celebrate soon, once he's up for it. 

I love you so much babe, Thank you for everything!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Elias turns 2!!!!! Happy Birthday...

Elias on his birthday, wearing his new shirt from Grandma Cooper.

It just seems so crazy to think Elias is 2 yrs old already. 
We celebrated his birthday with just a little party. Nothing spectacular, but special. 
I am really big on birthdays. I think its the one day that you really get to celebrate a special person. 
And so i really try no matter how little they are to make them feel like its their day on their birthday. We just had a few of his friends over for dessert, and i made a sweet race car track cake. He was pretty excited about it, mostly just to play with the cars from off the cake.  We also bought him a race track which he loved and was a big hit with all the boys too. He also got some cars, clothes, a Mr. Potato head and puzzle too from his friends. 

I love birthdays and was so glad to see Elias so happy on his big day! 

Check out the sweet Race Car Track cake i made, i am not the best at icing it. 

Everyone helping Elias open his gifts. 

Singing "Happy Birthday", he loved that everyone was singing to him.

Blowing out the candle, he needed some help, so i stepped in. 

a little bit excited after eating some cake,  can't ya tell.. 

Parker, Elias, Greta, Benjamin, and Carson (always Greta & the boys) 

Looks how big i am, 2yrs old! 

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Love story".. i just LOVE this song!!

I just LOVE this song, "Love story" by Taylor swift, but i especially love the music video.  The way they portray the song is sooo great, love the epic story mixed into present day.  

I am such a romantic and for all those that are too, you would love this video.

I saw Taylor Swift in concert when she was first starting out, she opened for Brad Paisley and she was really good, but this new song of her's is my favorite.

I have her new album, Fearless and its really good. But for sure, " love story" is my fave song, i can just play it over and over again and it makes me think of the dating years when you just cant get enough of eachother. 

Dont get me wrong Jeremy is still my "Romeo" and our life is my Love story, but its fun to think back and remember those fun, romantic times, when nothing in the world mattered but the two of you being together. 
No laundry, no cleaning, no photos to edit, no tantrums, no picking up toys, no cooking dinner.. ya know.. but still this is my life and my story now and i wouldnt change it for the world. Thanks to the two most important boys in my life. 

This song takes me back, out of my ordinary daily life, and sometimes ya just need that... if ya know what i mean...

Really listen to the words, they are soo great! 

Check out the song and video 

And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby boy Elias who is 2 years old today, i love you so much!! Pictures soon to come.....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good times, good friends..

So we finally got got to go on a date night, jeremy has been dying to go out for so long, so even though his birthday is in a few weeks and we will probably go out then, we just got a babysitter and went out with Kwynne and Dane to eat and to a movie. It was such a fun and relaxing night, i cant remember the last time we ate at a restaurant without Elias. A totally different experience. 
 Its been so fun to have my long lost best friend Kwynne living here now. Even though we rarely get to hang out, we have been trying on the weekends and have had some fun times .
Its amazing that even when you haven't seen or been with a good friend for so long, how you can just pick up right where you left off and its just like old times again. Jeremy and Dane, i am sure just think we are so retarded, dying laughing over the stupidist things and bringing up old "Barnwell" day stories. 

Anyways so that was our fun night out, and it really needs to happen more often, even when its expensive and even when we cant afford it. Those nights are so important to us as a couple and to our relationship. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just a few pics...

Jost and elias are little buddies and they had fun playing with jewerely one afternoon.. i left the room for a bit and then came back in to them laughing at eachother, it was so funny.

I know these pics are blurry, but oh well i just picked up my camera without changing any settings and just shot away because i knew they wouldnt be laughing and sitting still for long.. 

Also when i went to print something off today, this is what i found under the scanner, for real i didnt change a thing, i just love little things like this...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Behold your Little ones...


I just ordered this manual, its the new nursery manual, but i am going to be using it for FHE. 
I find it so hard to teach a lesson to Elias for FHE and this manual seems awesome, and i can hardly wait to get mine and use it. 

Thought others might be interested as well, hey i know were all looking for better ways to teach are children the gospel and this seems really great, it can really be used for all ages, not just nursery age children. 

Here's a video if you want to check it out...

It's only $5.50 US and i got it on the lds distribution center website.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Visiting in BC

So i am here in BC with Elias for a few days for my sister's wedding. The flight went really good, elias was great, but i have a bad cold and its been raining ever since we have arrived. 
I am the lamest blogger these days, i have so many pictures i have been meaning to get up, but lately i have been so busy, oh well. Hopefully everything goes okay here, 
if your looking for better updates i have been busy doing some photo shoots, so check out my photography, and more soon to come as i have a few weddings and family shoots to still get up.

Hope everyone had a great summer, and hopefully i will make it through this weekend with out to many tears... 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So were Back.. and expecting too!

So guess the biggest news we have is.. we are expecting Baby #2!! When i found out Jeremy 

was working away from us for 3 days and i couldnt wait, so i sent him and email with this 


I am thinking i am due in March, the 9th. So i am pretty early still not even quite 3 months 

along yet.. I am really anxious about this baby and hopefully will get more excited as the baby 

grows.. but that is our exciting news and soon will have another sweet baby!

So it been forever since i have blogged.. i kinda lost interest, but then i realized its a good 

thing.. to have these memories to remember even if noone reads this blog.. its good for us! 

Well our summer was crazy busy.. so much family stuff going on, some photo shoots and lots 

and lots of being in the sun and having fun at the Lake! We went to echo lake with mine and 

Jeremy's family as well ( hopefully i'll get some pictures up sometime), my brother got 

married, and we had a few reunions too. But overall a great summer, but really glad to be back.. 

for a bit anyways. I leave again for 2 weeks, ya i know.. we just got back and i have to pack up 

and leave again...well 1st me and elias will fly to BC for my sisters wedding and then to Alberta 

to do pics for my cousin's wedding.. so hopefully after all that i will NOT be leaving for a long 


And then for one last shin dig before Jer heads back to school on the 25th, we are going 

camping for a few days with Woody and Laura, so that should be sweet.. elias and jost will love 

being together..  and it will be nice to be by the lake for these next very hot days..


Monday, June 23, 2008

And we're Gone...

So were officially in Alberta, and its so nice already to be home and to see everyone.. We will be 

here for about 5 weeks. We have lots of family stuff going on, vacations at the cabin, some family 

reuions, my brothers wedding and even a few photo shoots. So we'll have lots too do and lots of 

fun.. anyways well better make this short and sweet.. 

Bye everyone.. have a great summer!!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Elias and Ben

just had too put up this stinkin cute pic of elias and ben.. they had fun playing when Ben came over while Karen was packing. We miss them already!!!

okay so i really realize how big elias is, just look at those long legs.. i love how elias has deer in the head light eyes..  it was hard enough trying to get them both to at least look at me..


i love this pic, ..its so fun because its shows elias and ben playing.. elias kept playing peekabo with ben and they were both lovin it!!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally some of our B.C trip..

Well it was so fun to be able to go and visit my sister Renae and be there to support her while she graduated from the Police Academy in Abbotsford.. 


The first few days prior to her Grad we went into Vancouver, which despite all the insane traffic and the LONG drive, turned out to be a good time. We visited Queen Elizabeth Park, and Granville island, some of the not as popular spots in Vancouver.. but oh well.. we had planned to be coming back on Saturday to do all the best stuff, but then with all the traveling and everything we were all too tired.. so here is just a few pics of our day in Vancouver..


just watching the water squirt up with Nana and Papa

love this pic of elias & my dad, the two shiny tops, hahah


down by the harbour, where we had lunch, elias found a little boat to play 
in as well...


Then it was Renae's Graduation,  I was so very proud of her.. they really went all out with all the Marching and the Big pipe band.. Elias got a little scared because it was so loud.. but man he was such a good boy sitting in his stroller for 1.5hr, what a good boy! Renae also receieved the Physical Fitness award for her whole class... i was so impressed! We then took some quick pics and headed out for dinner.. 



I really like this pic of them...


he would have jumped right in, i love how his shorts are more like pants,
because i have to buy them so big.. haha

My dad and my cousin Julia, just chilling... 

My mom and Elias, love all the blossums..

Our last day, we just kinda hung out in Abbostford , this was supposed to be when we were going to do all the fun things in Vancouver, but it didnt happen so we just went and look at the awesomest houses there.. holy smokes HUGE! and went a nice park and then out for a BBQ at Renae's place.. it turned out to been a nice time, and Elias loved seeing his Auntie Nae! 

He absolutely could not get enough of Renae's dogs.. he annoyed them constantly, but
they seem to like the attention..


Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day... belated post

So i have been meaning to post something about my special mothers day..but as usual never get on here soon enough.. but after reading Laura's blog on mother's.. thanks laura, i remembered to write.

Anyways so here are the really beautiful flowers Jeremy gave me.. they probably look weird and are not your average bouquet, but he picked them for me. He asked what kind i wanted and i said something different and well, that is what they are. Jer said they reminded him of our trip to Hawaii and then i loved them even more.. they even smelled like Hawaii. 

Its been a while since i have recieved flowers, and that is why i love special days, because honestly those Holidays makes him remember and so i dont care how much flowers are or dinner is, when he plans it and makes an effort.. I am just so thankful, even if i have to remind him..Thank you baby for the best Mothers day ever, and for the dinner as well at my Fave place St.tropez.. thanks for taking the time to plan a special day for me..


I also just wanted to say as well how much i love being a mom, honestly i love it, i really feel so blessed to be a mom and to be able to spend all my time with Elias. Also i am sooooo thankful for my MOM, she is seriously one of my best friends, i love spending my time with her, shopping, talking and so on, and she is so awesome with Elias. I am also thankful for my Mother in Law, she is so wonderful and such a great example to me,  she always greets me with open arms and i always feel so welcome. We miss her very much, especially since her and Gary are serving a mission.. 

Anyways hope everyone had a good mothers day and i Hope you all know how Great Mothers you are and how special that job is!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nae & Elias

just wanted to add a quick pic of my sister Renae and elias hanging out by the police car.. Elias loved the lights and i just love this picture of them.. 
i was so proud of renae for graduating from the police academy and have more pics
to come on our b.c trip soon...


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1st time for everything....

So last week we went to alberta for Kwynne's wedding...

WEll its true.. there is a first time for everything and it sure was.. MY 1st Wedding.. 

Wow.. it was so fun and such a great day at the Cardston Temple.. I was quite nervous.. but

honestly once i pulled out my camera and started shooting.. i was in my element. It was so 

awesome to be a part of Kwynne and Dane's special day.. there is something really neat about 

capturing those moments on a wedding day.  I took SOOOO many pictures.. and I now know 

why photographers charge so much for weddings.. it was a long day at the temple and then the

reception and  Now even more work... Oh well, what can i say.. I LOVE it!!!


Here is a funny pic jeremy took of me.. i guess you do whatever to get the shot right?? i had a wedding pic like this and really loved it so thought we'd try it out...


anyways, well now me and Elias are off to Vancouver tomorrow, our flight leaves at 6:20.. so bright and early.. My sister, Renae is graduating from the Police Academy and so i am going out there with my mom and dad and Rowan.. i am pretty excited, Renae hasn't seen Elias since he was 3 weeks old.. so it should be a fun time.. lets hope the flight goes okay with Elias.. lots of snack and baby einstein should hold him over.. well see ya later.. and of course of have lots of pics from your trip.. haha

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best buddies

Elias and Greta, the best of buddies... we were just out for a nice stroll down by the river, it was so nice to get out in the beautiful weather...


I just LOVE this pic of the two of them..


Hugs.. oh so nice...



this is my new favorite photo of Elias.. he looks like such a big boy just chilling..


out for an icecream cone at the Red Bus with Krystyn and Greta.. 
check out Elias' face.. too funny!


enjoying his first actual icecream cone...