Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our little SUPERMAN!!!

OKay so 1st off the sweetest pj's ever.. right? well actually you can't see them that well..they also have a little red cape

too, which is the best part, but i can't see to find it looks so cute!

So lately everytime Elias gets excited about something, which happens often throughout the day..His eyes light up and he goes

OHH....and sucks in his lips really tight. It is so Hilarious, I just LOVE it and lately

I have been trying to catch it on camera, but since our little guy doesnt ever stop, its gets a little hard.

But today as he was sitting in "his" chair and i gave him ELMO (his favorite) he got excited, so i pulled out my camera and

luckily got a few cute pics and some with his ELMO.

Just another typical day in the life of our little superman!

And of course you can't have a great day with out finding some good to chew on..right??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back from Hawaii!!!

Wow! Well what can i say.. WOW!

That is just one word to describe beautiful Hawaii..

Everywhere you look its just so capturing.. the trees, the flowers, the ocean and beaches and the culture. I wish Jeremy could transfer to dental school there..if they had a dental school.

We just had so much fun.. and it was just GO, go, go the whole time so much to do.

Well in a nut shell.. some of the things we did was....

We went to a swap meet.. they had hundreds of vendors selling souvenoir stuff.. it was pretty fun.. lots to look at, and everything was dirt cheap.

Surfing..i actually got up a few times, drank half the ocean, but it was fun.. glad i did it, very very exhausting though. Jeremy was quite good actually.

Visited Hanuma Bay, We did snorkeling, i saw 3 seaturtles.. which was soo cool..and a eel and lots of wicked fish. Jeremy was a die hard, he was always snorkeling.

We went on a sweet hike, up to Laie Falls it took a half the day.. but the hike was awesome!

We went to Polynesian cultural center.. its owned by the church and they have a whole village of like 7 cultures represented.. Tonga, Samoa, Hawaiian ect. It was really neat, lots of demonstrations and music. We also went to the dinner and night show.. the fire dancers were amazing!

Strolled the beautuful Laie Temple grounds.. wow it was so nice!

We did a lot of site seeing in a small town on the North shore where we stayed called Hailewa.. its pretty famous. We ate at cool places along the strip like Haliewa eats( thia food) and Haliewa Joes and shopped at cute little shops, stopped for some famous shaved iced ( jer's favorite) and got our surfs lessons from the Surf and Sea shop. This place was so local and there was so much culture.. it was so fun!

We also went into Wakaii a few night to stroll the strip.. the shopping was pretty good.. but pretty rich for our blood.. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach ect. The shops you only see on the movies. We also ate at a sweet mexican place Frogs.. i think it was called that, we ended up getting our food for free because we had to wait so long.. but it was awesome food!

We did a sunset dinner cruise one night as well.. it was just okay.. Jeremy was asked to dressup with some other guys and do the hula with the hula girls, it was pretty funny. The sunset was awesome,i got some sweet pics and seeing the island from afar was cool, especially at night.

We stopped at the famous Dole plantation.. and had the best pineapple delight icecream.. well actually we had icecream like everyday.. found these little chocolate/peanut butter icecream wonders at a little parlor they were wicked! ( made with rice)
We just did so much..

And lastly just chilling at the beach... soaking up the rays and trying to take it all in.

IT was sad to leave such a great place.. and especially to come home to the cold.. but so nice to see Elias. Man did i really miss him, it felt like her grew a whole foot while we were gone..

he was so good and i cant thank my mom enough for watching him for us!

Here are just a few pics of the island.. for more of us.. check out my facebook!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Leaving..on a jet plane!!

So we are officially leaving for Alberta today..just waiting until Jer gets home from school so we can leave. We will be heading to Raymond 1st to see Jeremy's family, it will be nice to see Jeremy's parents since they drove home from Utah on their mission to attend the funeral tomorrow. It will be really nice to see everyone!
Then we will head to my parents on friday.. my brother Troy will be visiting for a quick trip..he will be in Alberta for work. They live in Colorado so we only see them a few times a year.
Then Saturday we fly out to Hawaii!!!!!.
Don't worry i will take plenty of pictures for all to see.. Jer, Krystyn and Dyck will probably get annoyed with me!

Well hope everyone else has a great Reading break as well...Seeya!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Grandpa we will Miss You!

Grandpa Tanner and my niece Tessa

Well Jeremy's Grandpa ( LB Tanner) passed away a few days ago.. It was a good thing for the most part..

he has been really sick for a while.

I am sure Grandma is quite sad to be alone now, but it was also very hard taking care of grandpa while he has been sick.

i tried to think of some Memories of Grandpa Tanner over these past almost 5 years since i have been in the

Cooper family and a few come to mind:

Grandpa and Grandma Tanner LOVED Wendy's if anyone knows them they ate here all the time.. and i always think of them

when i eat there!

Grandpa Tanner gave a great hug, it never failed that i always got one when i saw him!


Not long ago.. when grandpa started getting sick with Alzheimers..

he was waiting in the car outside of Park Place Mall for Grandma..

All of a sudden a Native Guy jumped in the Drivers seat and took off with Grandpa inside.. He ended up hitting 1 car and

then at a set of lights started pushing Grandpa outside of the car.. people next to them tried to stop him and again sped off

with grandpa in the car; hitting another car and coming to stop.. by then the police had arrived. In the mean time Grandma

comes out of the Mall and Grandpa is no where to be seen.. and she knows he cant drive! After a few minutes he returns with

the car and Grandma sees how banged up it is and asks where he has been and what happened? By that time Grandpa had

Totally forgotten (having Alzheimers and all) about what had happened. So funny eh??

So then they drove home and grandma was going to call the police when there was a message on their phone from the police

to call them. So Grandma called the police and they told her the whole story.. And i guess they caught the guy and he was

CHARGED with.. kidnapping, driving under the influence, 2 hit and runs and stealing a vehicle... Crazy eh??? And this happened

in Lethbridge.. But the best part by far is that Grandpa didnt REMEMBER a thing!!!

We love you Grandpa and will miss you..

.. glad Elias got too meet his Great grandfather!

So we are leaving Wednesday to go to his funeral in Magrath...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Okay so she is so beautiful eh? I mean those eyes just pull at my heart..

and tempt me for another one... especially for a little girl.

Elias is growing so fast.. and i am getting tempted especially when i get to photograph such sweet baby girls..

maybe just maybe..

we will see.....

I love that touque!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I can't WAIT!

Lately it just seems like we never stop.. days just fly by. Less than 2 weeks until we got to Hawaii.. man it doesn't at all seem

real. These next couple of weeks are so busy.. I have a bunch of photo shoots, taking care of Luke 2 days a week and

then I have a Ward Fireside this Sunday. We are then leaving to ALberta on the following Thursday and fly out on the Saturday.. it

seems crazy to think. I have been giving Elias extra hugs and more attention than usual especially when i really think about

leaving him for a whole week. It makes me excited but Oh how i will miss him.. I honestly dont know if I can survive that long

without my snuggles from my little boy! For real.. i will be so sad to leave him.. but really can't wait to start getting out my

summer clothes.. shorts, flip flops.. Oh Ya its going to be sweet Heaven.... I can't wait!!