Monday, February 11, 2008

Grandpa we will Miss You!

Grandpa Tanner and my niece Tessa

Well Jeremy's Grandpa ( LB Tanner) passed away a few days ago.. It was a good thing for the most part..

he has been really sick for a while.

I am sure Grandma is quite sad to be alone now, but it was also very hard taking care of grandpa while he has been sick.

i tried to think of some Memories of Grandpa Tanner over these past almost 5 years since i have been in the

Cooper family and a few come to mind:

Grandpa and Grandma Tanner LOVED Wendy's if anyone knows them they ate here all the time.. and i always think of them

when i eat there!

Grandpa Tanner gave a great hug, it never failed that i always got one when i saw him!


Not long ago.. when grandpa started getting sick with Alzheimers..

he was waiting in the car outside of Park Place Mall for Grandma..

All of a sudden a Native Guy jumped in the Drivers seat and took off with Grandpa inside.. He ended up hitting 1 car and

then at a set of lights started pushing Grandpa outside of the car.. people next to them tried to stop him and again sped off

with grandpa in the car; hitting another car and coming to stop.. by then the police had arrived. In the mean time Grandma

comes out of the Mall and Grandpa is no where to be seen.. and she knows he cant drive! After a few minutes he returns with

the car and Grandma sees how banged up it is and asks where he has been and what happened? By that time Grandpa had

Totally forgotten (having Alzheimers and all) about what had happened. So funny eh??

So then they drove home and grandma was going to call the police when there was a message on their phone from the police

to call them. So Grandma called the police and they told her the whole story.. And i guess they caught the guy and he was

CHARGED with.. kidnapping, driving under the influence, 2 hit and runs and stealing a vehicle... Crazy eh??? And this happened

in Lethbridge.. But the best part by far is that Grandpa didnt REMEMBER a thing!!!

We love you Grandpa and will miss you..

.. glad Elias got too meet his Great grandfather!

So we are leaving Wednesday to go to his funeral in Magrath...


stone's eye view said...

Have a good time with your family in Magrath. That is a pretty wicked story.

Rachelle said...

Hey thanks.. i know so funny eh?

sarah said...

I know you don't have a clue who I am, but I was wondering something.
First of all, sorry for the loss of your grandpa.
Second, that is a funny story about the car.
But third, this kind of bothered me. If it had been a white guy that did it, would you have mentioned his race? Would you have said,"And this white guy jumped into the driver's seat."
Just something to think about.