Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Christmas Card and Letter

So we are off to Alberta for christmas!!! yea i am so excited to be going home, can't wait to see all our family and spend lots of time doing, well nothing really.. but ain't that the best. I'm not officially leaving until Monday morning. Jeremy isn't done finals until Friday, so we are going early to give him some much needed study time. Here is the christmas card and letter that we sent out this year, well actually its our first christmas card ever and it turned out darn pretty cute so i think, it took some much needed tweaking in photoshop to get it to where i liked it..don't feel bad if you didn't receive one, its hard tracking down everyone's addresses and sending them in the mail, mostly just family and some close friends got them. But for everyone else, we hope you have the best christmas ever, and an awesome christmas holidays!!  Luv, The Coopers

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Open W i d e!

Elias went to the Dentist for the 1st time last week, and guess who he got to see? Thats right, Daddy-soon to be "Dr".Cooper. He was pretty excited to go see dad, but since 2 students didnt show up to school and Jeremy had to work on their patients we ended up waiting an hour. By that time the excitement was over and it took some bribing to get Elias to even let Jer put anything near his mouth.. at first i had to get in the chair and have Elias sit on my lap, but eventually he did well and actually was happy in the end. It was also nice to see Jeremy in action, i have been wanting to get some pics of him for along time at the school, so it was fun to watch him working on patients and seeing what he does all day long while he's away from us.

Elias laughs his head off whenever he see this picture on the bottom right..he thinks he looks soo funny.

Monday, December 7, 2009

9 months..already

LOVE this photo, love..
Nixon's 9 mths. officially was on the 4th.

and what's he up to at 9mths, well quite a bit.
-he is crawling everywhere.. well more like dragging himself, its faster. He especially likes the kitchen, under the christmas tree and of course the book shelfs. I am soooo in trouble.
- His top two teeth are coming in (that will be 4 in total).. so he hasnt been the happiest thing these days, well who am i kidding still pretty happy. The nights have been a little rough for the past few days though, not much sleep here.
-He is pulling himself up, started this week.
-He now officially sits up in the shopping cart, well kind of (some leaning going on and the belt really tight), but i love not having to take his car seat with me, it takes up the whole darn cart...
-He loves his big brother and loves even more-destroying anything Elias is playing with... haha, Elias gets pretty mad sometimes its funny.
-This month checkup he was 94% for height, 67% for weight and 70% for head.

he LOVES getting into the books ever chance he can

okay so the best pic ever, haha love his face!
i love this kid soo much, his smile just lights you up

i am so very blessed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


all ready for church and looking so stinkin cute to boot!

man i love these boys. they are becoming such good brothers, laughing and playing together, i hope they will continue to be the best of buddies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


so last week Elias finshed up his gymnastics class, officially called Tumbleweeds at the U of S. He was joined by his two little friends, Ben and Lainey as well.

i can't even begin to tell you how much he loved this class... to be able to run around, dance, jump on everything, swing and be silly. how much more can a boy want?

the rings were by far his favorite 

lainey and elias racing