Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Christmas Card and Letter

So we are off to Alberta for christmas!!! yea i am so excited to be going home, can't wait to see all our family and spend lots of time doing, well nothing really.. but ain't that the best. I'm not officially leaving until Monday morning. Jeremy isn't done finals until Friday, so we are going early to give him some much needed study time. Here is the christmas card and letter that we sent out this year, well actually its our first christmas card ever and it turned out darn pretty cute so i think, it took some much needed tweaking in photoshop to get it to where i liked it..don't feel bad if you didn't receive one, its hard tracking down everyone's addresses and sending them in the mail, mostly just family and some close friends got them. But for everyone else, we hope you have the best christmas ever, and an awesome christmas holidays!!  Luv, The Coopers


stone's eye view said...

Love the card, and so many other great pics posted recently as well.
Have a great Christmas!!!

saigehansen said...

It's so fun with you guys and the family. Love you!


Love, Saige