Saturday, March 28, 2009

6 Years and counting...

Well today we've officially been married 6 years.. crazy!! 

And how are we celebrating..well..

..  i am home alone as we speak (jeremy had a big dental hockey game tonight)  and i've been taking care of my sick Elias all day. poor little dude.

Sounds pretty sweet eh?? 

Well not really. But it's all good.. we usually always make an effort to go out and do something on special days. But we just went out last weekend with Jeremy's sisters, Shannon and Kristen and celebrated my birthday. And then i also got for my birthday/anniversary gift- a new, awesome and yet pricey Phil and Ted's stroller. My parents also helped out with the cost for a baby gift-thanks guys! . I am pretty excited about it, i love to exercise and cant wait to take it to the track and especially to use it outdoors.. i love that i can push both the kids in it if i need too!  YEA!!
pics from V-day date night- i look so weird..haha
Jer, what a poser...

But i also wanted to make a shout out to my dear husband on this day.

Spending your whole marriage as students can sometime take a toll, i mean you rarely see each other (i have learned to sleep alone a lot with all the late night studying), the stresses of school and finances and also adding 2 kids to the mix can sometimes be a mess. But really despite it all i think it has only strengthened our marriage, though at times its been really hard we have learned a lot about what's important to each other, what makes us both happy and what definetly doesn't. Life isnt always peaches and cream and either our relationships, they require constant care, attention and what i have learned the most is communication. I am so happy i have a partner that is my best friend, that i can talk to about anything, that truly cares how i feel and that i want to be with all the time.

 I am never happier than when we are together... 

and i am very proud of the marriage that we have.. I am also so happy my boys have such an awesome man to look up too, someone that works so hard for us, is such a great example and that we are so Proud of. 

Thanks honey for all you do,  Happy 6th anniversary! 

i am so blessed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OH No.. Not Vaseline!!!

Check out that mischeavous smirk! 
So these pictures say it all... 
As i was nursing Nixon yesterday, Elias walked off to my room I asked him what he was doing and he said "Jumping on bed"' so i thought nothing of it. But then as i was finishing up with Nixon, I realized it had been really quiet for far too long, and so i went to my room and this is what i found:  Elias covered in Vaseline.  Just check out how much is in his HAIR!!

As soon as i took a few pics, we went to get cleaned off in the bathroom and as i started washing my hands with soap i realized it was not coming off.. so i "googled" vaseline hair removal and found out i needed to use Paper towels and Cornstarch to get most of it out before i shampooed his hair.

So for the most part it did get most of it out, but as you can see from the last picture.. it was still standing straight up after (like i had put gel in it), Nope, there is still quite a bit of residue left over so i think it will be a good week before its back to normal.

Man life with 2 boys is already quite a difference than life with 1. 
More crying, more messes, more noise, less sleep, and less time. 
But also More love and More rewarding than anything i could ever ask for.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a BOY!!

Introducing: Nixon Wallace Cooper
Weighing 8lbs 12 onces and measuring 12.5 inches long.

Well i've been meaning to get a post up sooner, Nixon was 2 weeks on Wednesday already. Its so crazy how time just flies.. especially with 2 kids now. 

Even though its been 2 weeks since he was born, i wanted to document the experience for me. So to start off.. things went ALOT better this time with the labor and delivery. I mean it still was beyond painful pushing little Nixon out, but it was only 20min this time. Plus the whole labor was about 8hrs instead of like 28hrs with Elias, so it was like night and day. I was so happy in the end and my recovery was ALOT better as well.  Nixon weighed 8lbs 12 onces and was 21.5 inches long, almost exactly the same size as Elias.. (elias was 21 iches), kinda crazy! Nixon's head though was smaller too, so that helped out a bit. Overall a MUCH MUCH better experience and i couldnt be happier to have another boy in the house.  

Here are some pics from the hospital: 

our 1st picture together..

Daddy and Nixon 

All my boys! 

Ready to go home in his carseat...

So life with two boys, is fun, but defiently tiring. I was sooo LUCKY to have my Mom and my 9 yr old niece Saige here for a week to help out. Let me just say a huge THANKYOU to them, they were amazing, always playing with Elias and keeping the house spotless and letting me sleep in everyday was sooo nice. It was such a blessing to have them here.. I also want to say a HUGE thanks to all the AWESOME friends that have visited me, that have watched Elias for me, some countless times and those that have brought delicious meals and yummy treats.. i cant even say thanks enough, making dinner is the last thing i want to do when 4:00 rolls around. 

Saige and Nixon

My mom, Nixon and Elias and their horses Flash and Trigger that my mom got for them.
Elias LOVES Trigger! 

Nixon is keeping me up most of the night, he is such a little snack feeder.. and i mean really at the most he will eat 10min, so therefore i am getting up every 2.5hrs to feed him since he is hungry again. I never had this problem with Elias.. so it can be a little frustrating.. but overall he is a pretty content baby, during the day he can go  3 or 4 hours without eating.. its really just the nights that are hard, but then again i am a walking zombie during the day and have been having bad headaches because of lack of sleep, but its getting better already.

Despite all that.. I am soo HAPPY ..It really is amazing to me when i look at little Nixon, the love i feel for him is beyond joy and i feel so blessed and privledged to be his mom. I am so thankful to my heavenly father for giving me this sweet spirit to love and care for.  And i am so happy to be a mom of two beautiful boys. 

Nixon's 1st days home:

Love this one! 

Elias has been soo good, he will play by himself alot and he actually is warming up to Nixon. He doesnt like to hold him or anything but will give him kisses and pat his head gently. I tried to get a pic of the two of them last week.. but it didnt quite work out so well. I even attempted a newborn photoshoot of Nixon too, but have yet to even go through them let alone get any edited. So hopefully in the next coming weeks i will have some up.