Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Time!!!

Man do i ever love christmas.. everything about it makes me happy.. 

I was excited to put up the tree this year and the small amount of decor i have and I even got my stuff up the 3rd week in November. 
Elias just loves having the tree up and insists that the lights always be on, even during the day when u can barely see them, he whines for me to turn it on, its kinda funny. We also listen to christmas tunes everyday and dance around the coffee table. 

Anyways here are a few pics of christmas at our house......

As far as i know a snowman isnt part of the nativity, but Elias sure think so. I dont know why but whenever i move it back, he always knows its missing and puts it right back with the nativity.. its quite cute..

Sweet stockings eh?? I love them, thanks to my sister-in-law Kristen.. and i finally got the hooks on the sign from last year. 

I am pretty excited to be leaving on Tuesday to alberta for christmas holidays. Jeremy has been wanting me to go home so he can concentrate on his studies and not feel guilty for never being home, so we are outta here! I cant wait to be at home, my parents house is like the north pole, decorated like crazy and just so fun to be around..

So if i dont see everyone before we leave, Have a Merry Christmas!!! 

 and we'll miss you too honey!!