Monday, April 7, 2008

waiting for that smile....

Well lately i have been trying everything to get a nice picture of Elias looking at the camera smiling.. without it being a big blur. He is always on the move and will only look up for a brief second.

Well here it is.. the smile i have been wanting and waiting for...

I literally had to but a ball in my mouth while taking this picture so he would smile and stay looking.. well my silliness worked
and Elias loved it!

i also bought him this new ball popper, that he really loves. Its his new fave toy. Air blows through out the machine and "pops" the balls up really high.. and then he puts then back in and has fun forever. He also trys to put all his cars and crayons and anything he can fit down the tubes as well, then he whines for me to get them out so he can start all over again.

After awhile though Elias got really annoyed with me trying to get him to sit still for some pictures.. that i captured this pic.. aww he really looks so sad.. sorry little buddy.

Man i love this kid!!

Also we are leaving for a little trip to Alberta on wednesday.. for once i am not too busy this week. I dont have to take care of Luke this week and it will be so nice to see my family as well. Plus the weather should be fabulous!

Also Jeremy looks forward to us being gone so he can get some hard core studying down. He has a lot of tests coming up and lately i havent been seeing a whole lot of him anyways.
Thanks for all your hard work honey!
WE love you and will miss you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring.. dont go...

Well these pics were taken the a few weeks ago, but i'm just getting them up now. Anyways this is when i was thinking spring was here to stay and then yet again it snowed..

But it seems like its getting nice again.. so who know's knock on wood, every time i think that its gets cold again.

Well here are a few pics of elias enjoying the melting season.. i cant ever seem to get a pic of him looking at the camera anymore he is just not interested, the world is too exciting!!

elias and daddy, i think someone looks alike eh?

loving the leaves...

Oh no, someone spotted a big puddle!!

Having is very first puddle.. i really need to get him some rubber boots!