Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring.. dont go...

Well these pics were taken the a few weeks ago, but i'm just getting them up now. Anyways this is when i was thinking spring was here to stay and then yet again it snowed..

But it seems like its getting nice again.. so who know's knock on wood, every time i think that its gets cold again.

Well here are a few pics of elias enjoying the melting season.. i cant ever seem to get a pic of him looking at the camera anymore he is just not interested, the world is too exciting!!

elias and daddy, i think someone looks alike eh?

loving the leaves...

Oh no, someone spotted a big puddle!!

Having is very first puddle.. i really need to get him some rubber boots!


Laura said...

So cute Rachelle. I love his hoodie.

ec said...

amen sister.

i'm ready to cry.

thank goodness today was warm-ish.