Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jer's Birthday!

Well today is Jeremy's birthday, he is 27 .. man how time flies! We went shopping today and he got some new shoes and a hoodie.. We got some christmas shopping done which was nice and then went out to Red Lobster (his fave!) for dinner with a few friends.. it was the longest wait of my life but the food was excellent! Poor Elias was just pooped from the long day.. what a good little guy he is.

As I think of my Jeremy.. i think of the great husband that he is.. really. He is so good to me, compliments me lots on how i look, the mother that i am and the way i keep the house and life in order. He is such an amazing father.. and Elias just lights up when ever there together. He is such a hard worker.. whether its studying or working he always give his all. He is the friendliest person i know.. always wanting to get to know people and always wanting to hang out with others...he has taught me alot about not being judgmental towards others and about giving service. He is always willing to help someone fix their vehicle, move, or just help out in general.

This day i want him to know how much i love this man of mine.. he is truly my eternal companion and i am so thankful that we have eachother. I look forward to all the new memories, the days and months and years we have together.. you r the love of my life and that will never change!

Happy Birthday Jer.. i love you more!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Elias' 1st Birthday

Elias' first birthday on the 17th was really fun.. i am really big on birthdays and love to make it special. I made Elias this

dinosaur cake, my first ever cake i've made and was so excited to see the results. Elias was so funny with his cake.. it was

everywhere, all over him and the surrounding walls. We had some friends over to celebrate and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

6 Things

Well i got tagged by liam a while back and so i guess i will say 6 things about me that most don't know.. here it goes!

1. I Love Surprises.. i hate to find out anything.. i never want to know anything if i will eventually be surprised.. like parties, presents.. birth of my baby even the smallest things.. i just love them and i never reveal secrets or presents or surprises to others as well...

2. I Love Brand New Socks.. if i was really really rich, i would wear a brand new pairs of socks everyday.. i just love the feel of brand new socks.. the texture and the way they just fit so snug and perfect. I love wearing socks as well.. rarely do i ever not wear socks in a day even in the summer.. sometimes even to bed.. that bugs Jeremy ( because he is quite the opposite, he hates socks)

3. I get Scared so easily.. i mean weird easily.. even if someone( like jer walks in a room just normal but i dont know he's coming i will scream and jump most of the time.. it drives him crazy.. and if he comes home after i have gone to bed.. if i hear him come in i will jump up and freak out and scare him to death and he has to calm me down and then i dont even remember it in the morning...weird i know. And dont even get me started on scary movies for that matter.. i cant even watch the previews i have to change the channel or i will have nightmares..

4. My Feet.. i can never have my feet hanging out of the covers.. or really sleep with out a least a sheet on.. even when i am sweltering from the heat in the summer .. i just cant sleep .. i am not comfortable unless they are covered.. probably goes back to the sock thing and the scared easily thing.

5. I Refuse to Use OutHouses.. even when we are camping i would rather go to the bathroom in the woods then use an outhouse...If i have to use one which has happened a few times i get a cold sweat, nervous and panicy and will usually come out of the outhouse before i have even done up my pants because i have to get out...when i was younger my mom thinks something triggered this.. she said i would do anything not to go in one... I would scream and cry and was terrified.. something must have happened but noone knows.. i do remember something about a snake though.. but it is very vague..

6. I sucked my knumb until i was 5 years old.. ( i bet Jer might not even know this one) I know i had a problem with it.. i remember my mom trying everything to get me to stop and then when i finally went to kindergarten i guess i stopped.. maybe kids bugged me at school which is probably the truth, who knows but i rememeber sucking it a long time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My little buddy Luke!

Before i had Elias i took care of 3 kids, the Lapierre children, and now that I am home I take care of Luke the youngest of the

three, 2 days a week. He is such a good little boy, a typical little boy that gets wild at times but overall such a little cutie. I really

love this kid and i hope that Elias can grow up to be like him. He is quite a good listener, polite and plays good. Elias absolutely

adores Luke and gets so excited when he is around, it is nice to have someone for Elias to hang out with. We went swimming

today and had a great time.. here are just a few pics of Luke and Elias enjoying a yummy snack today.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I would miss those MESSES!

Man do they ever end.. those messes that just seem to be everywhere you turn around.. i swear i must waste 2 hours of the day

just picking stuff up over and over again that Elias dumps out or pulls over.. I know I know.. he is exploring and learning but

somedays, most days i just leave it because Elias's favorite thing to do is dump it out or pull it out as soon as its cleaned up..and

also Jeremy and his socks.. i dont know what it is about him and socks but they seem to be everywhere... he hates socks and so

as soon as he comes home they come off in the living room and Elias drags them around the house. Jeremy says you no what


And he is right, i would miss that because it would Remind Me Of Him and Thinking Of Him Makes Me Happy, i would think of his

smile and his blue eyes and his fabulous Sunday dinners and him telling me I'm beautiful and watching him play with Elias, his

surprises and our Saturday night dates at home. So i guess if having him means picking up his socks once in a while i guess its

worth it. And when i find Elias in the bathroom yet again dumping over his bath toys and pulling books off the shelfs i need to

be reminded that if i didnt have those Messes then i wouldnt have them.. I wouldnt have my sweet Boys who i love more than

anything in this world.. who give my life so much more meaning then i ever thought possible.. who lift me up and make me

want to be a better mother and wife and friend... so yes sometimes those little messes are a good thing...because they remind

me of what i have...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Those Moments.

I just had one of the moments.. the ones where everything around you stops and you are only in that moment. I had one of those

days with Elias he was so fussy today.. wining and crying for no reason which is not normal..i was getting frustrated.. and like

normal we have our bedtime routine .. and as usual right before i put him in his crib i give him his soother and bunny to snuggle

and he snuggles right into me and i sing him a few lullabies.. its my favorite part of the day.. but today i got a lump in my

throat as i snuggled my little boy.. who isnt so little anymore.. and most people that know us know that Elias has always been

a big boy to say the least, but I being his mother know him only as my baby.. and tonight i really realized that he is so much

bigger and every night as he snuggles on my shoulder he gets bigger and bigger, i never want to not be able to snuggle him

like that.. and i got choked up just thinking about how much he is growing and how he isnt going to be my baby forever and it

made me snuggle and sing to him and hold him even longer than usual...

and as i was tearing up he knew and he looked up

into my eyes like he was saying its okay mama...

these are the moments i never want to forget.. so please dont let me ever

forget what that moment felt like...