Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jer's Birthday!

Well today is Jeremy's birthday, he is 27 .. man how time flies! We went shopping today and he got some new shoes and a hoodie.. We got some christmas shopping done which was nice and then went out to Red Lobster (his fave!) for dinner with a few friends.. it was the longest wait of my life but the food was excellent! Poor Elias was just pooped from the long day.. what a good little guy he is.

As I think of my Jeremy.. i think of the great husband that he is.. really. He is so good to me, compliments me lots on how i look, the mother that i am and the way i keep the house and life in order. He is such an amazing father.. and Elias just lights up when ever there together. He is such a hard worker.. whether its studying or working he always give his all. He is the friendliest person i know.. always wanting to get to know people and always wanting to hang out with others...he has taught me alot about not being judgmental towards others and about giving service. He is always willing to help someone fix their vehicle, move, or just help out in general.

This day i want him to know how much i love this man of mine.. he is truly my eternal companion and i am so thankful that we have eachother. I look forward to all the new memories, the days and months and years we have together.. you r the love of my life and that will never change!

Happy Birthday Jer.. i love you more!

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