Sunday, November 11, 2007

6 Things

Well i got tagged by liam a while back and so i guess i will say 6 things about me that most don't know.. here it goes!

1. I Love Surprises.. i hate to find out anything.. i never want to know anything if i will eventually be surprised.. like parties, presents.. birth of my baby even the smallest things.. i just love them and i never reveal secrets or presents or surprises to others as well...

2. I Love Brand New Socks.. if i was really really rich, i would wear a brand new pairs of socks everyday.. i just love the feel of brand new socks.. the texture and the way they just fit so snug and perfect. I love wearing socks as well.. rarely do i ever not wear socks in a day even in the summer.. sometimes even to bed.. that bugs Jeremy ( because he is quite the opposite, he hates socks)

3. I get Scared so easily.. i mean weird easily.. even if someone( like jer walks in a room just normal but i dont know he's coming i will scream and jump most of the time.. it drives him crazy.. and if he comes home after i have gone to bed.. if i hear him come in i will jump up and freak out and scare him to death and he has to calm me down and then i dont even remember it in the morning...weird i know. And dont even get me started on scary movies for that matter.. i cant even watch the previews i have to change the channel or i will have nightmares..

4. My Feet.. i can never have my feet hanging out of the covers.. or really sleep with out a least a sheet on.. even when i am sweltering from the heat in the summer .. i just cant sleep .. i am not comfortable unless they are covered.. probably goes back to the sock thing and the scared easily thing.

5. I Refuse to Use OutHouses.. even when we are camping i would rather go to the bathroom in the woods then use an outhouse...If i have to use one which has happened a few times i get a cold sweat, nervous and panicy and will usually come out of the outhouse before i have even done up my pants because i have to get out...when i was younger my mom thinks something triggered this.. she said i would do anything not to go in one... I would scream and cry and was terrified.. something must have happened but noone knows.. i do remember something about a snake though.. but it is very vague..

6. I sucked my knumb until i was 5 years old.. ( i bet Jer might not even know this one) I know i had a problem with it.. i remember my mom trying everything to get me to stop and then when i finally went to kindergarten i guess i stopped.. maybe kids bugged me at school which is probably the truth, who knows but i rememeber sucking it a long time.

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stone's eye view said...

ia m with you with the scary movie thing, hate 'em!