Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I would miss those MESSES!

Man do they ever end.. those messes that just seem to be everywhere you turn around.. i swear i must waste 2 hours of the day

just picking stuff up over and over again that Elias dumps out or pulls over.. I know I know.. he is exploring and learning but

somedays, most days i just leave it because Elias's favorite thing to do is dump it out or pull it out as soon as its cleaned up..and

also Jeremy and his socks.. i dont know what it is about him and socks but they seem to be everywhere... he hates socks and so

as soon as he comes home they come off in the living room and Elias drags them around the house. Jeremy says you no what


And he is right, i would miss that because it would Remind Me Of Him and Thinking Of Him Makes Me Happy, i would think of his

smile and his blue eyes and his fabulous Sunday dinners and him telling me I'm beautiful and watching him play with Elias, his

surprises and our Saturday night dates at home. So i guess if having him means picking up his socks once in a while i guess its

worth it. And when i find Elias in the bathroom yet again dumping over his bath toys and pulling books off the shelfs i need to

be reminded that if i didnt have those Messes then i wouldnt have them.. I wouldnt have my sweet Boys who i love more than

anything in this world.. who give my life so much more meaning then i ever thought possible.. who lift me up and make me

want to be a better mother and wife and friend... so yes sometimes those little messes are a good thing...because they remind

me of what i have...


Anonymous said...

When am I gonna learn not to read this at work?
You say it so well Rachelle- love it.

The Whidden Family said...

Oh my goodness. I really do feel your pain here. What is it about hubby's and their socks? Jared does the exact same thing EVERYTIME he gets home from work.
I should try being as optimistic as you about the dang socks:)

Rachelle Cooper said...

Believe me i am not so optimistic.. i usually get mad about the socks.. and annoyed with Elias dumping everything out.. it was one of those days when i walked in and i saw Elias dumping out his bath toys again and I realized that i was glad for that mess, but believe most days i am not!

Rachelle Cooper said...

Okay look at how dirty my carpet is in the socks photo.. haha someone needs to vaccuum

stone's eye view said...

thanks for the reminder...