Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost there!!

just me and little buddy.. i really love this one of us together...

Well its getting so close, i can feeling it coming any day now. Just a few days left to go!!! Well really my ultrasound due date is on Friday, but my doctors due date is tuesday, but my Doc said she'll be shocked if i make it that long. So we will see, i had Elias on my ultrasound due date... but really i guess i wont be considered overdue until tuesday. 

I am so excited to find out the sex of this baby, more excited than i was with Elias. I am excited to finally hold this little person that has been inside me for so long.

It was so fun and yet scary to see Karen in the hospital today, exciting to see such a small (6lbs) sweet baby boy and Karen looked so good too, but scary to know i will be there any day now. It was refreshing to know that this time around she had a much better experience and that is what i am praying for too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bowling Night!

Last weekend we went out with the Jahns and took Elias and Greta for their first time bowling..after seeing Laura's post with Jost bowling i thought Elias would be in heaven. 

It was a really fun night, I was even the high scorer despite not even being able to bend over..  and its a good thing no one was bowling on the right lane beside us because we could not convince elias to wait his turn. He was in Heaven with all those balls and kept throwing the balls down the empty lane having the time of his life, he never stopped the whole night. We will definetly have to go bowling again! 
note: I am having major problems uploading my pics, the size is wrong and the color saturation is way off.. anyone else having problems???

Neon Bowling!!

watching the balls...

elias and greta, i love how excited elias is.
aren't they too cute, they look like their flirting!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Valentine's Day...

So i love getting flowers.. it doesnt happen that often.. mostly jeremy says he has to always take the bus so its hard to get me flowers.. but mostly i think its the last thing on his mind when he is at school all week and frankly we just cant afford them..and that's okay.

so i was so pleasently surprised when on Friday he came home with these. Aren't they pretty! 

My fave is yellow roses, but they didnt have any so this was a welcomed change. 
He said he got them early for a nice surprise and so i could enjoy them all week up to V-day (and there ALOT cheaper too).. it has been really great enjoying them so far.

So Thanks Babe.. That was so thoughtful, i love them and i LOVE getting flowers.. if i was Oprah or someone with mega money i would always have fresh flowers in my home, there is just something about them that really makes me so happy.. i am constantly smiling and smelling them.

I am also so excited for Friday night too. We are finally going on a date.. it is soooo needed i honestly cant remember the last time just me and Jer did something, he has been soo busy with school and also the baby is coming so quick that we really need this. 
So i am sure it will be a great night, we have a gift card to the Keg that i got last summer from a wedding that we really need to use. So a nice dinner and maybe a movie.. i can hardly wait! 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cookie time!

Well as my husband can detest to i am not a big baker.. but i do try to make choc. banana muffins or cookies once in a while. So i have been meaning to try out Erin's chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe again, since the first time i failed, and last week we did and it worked out great- thanks erin! 

Elias was such a good helper pouring in everything and he had so much fun helping me but more fun eating the dough and smarties. We ended up with sooo many yummy cookies that i gave quite a bit away and now we are getting down to just one bag left from the freezer. 

MMM i love cookies! 

mmmm, yummy cookie cough! 

the finished product! 

Elias had more than his far share of cookies!!