Monday, February 9, 2009

Cookie time!

Well as my husband can detest to i am not a big baker.. but i do try to make choc. banana muffins or cookies once in a while. So i have been meaning to try out Erin's chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe again, since the first time i failed, and last week we did and it worked out great- thanks erin! 

Elias was such a good helper pouring in everything and he had so much fun helping me but more fun eating the dough and smarties. We ended up with sooo many yummy cookies that i gave quite a bit away and now we are getting down to just one bag left from the freezer. 

MMM i love cookies! 

mmmm, yummy cookie cough! 

the finished product! 

Elias had more than his far share of cookies!! 


krystyn said...

mmmm...were they ever good. thanks again!

Karen Baker said...

sweet, I can't wait to try out the recipe!

miss Laura said...

The pictures are great, Elias looks quite content!