Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bowling Night!

Last weekend we went out with the Jahns and took Elias and Greta for their first time bowling..after seeing Laura's post with Jost bowling i thought Elias would be in heaven. 

It was a really fun night, I was even the high scorer despite not even being able to bend over..  and its a good thing no one was bowling on the right lane beside us because we could not convince elias to wait his turn. He was in Heaven with all those balls and kept throwing the balls down the empty lane having the time of his life, he never stopped the whole night. We will definetly have to go bowling again! 
note: I am having major problems uploading my pics, the size is wrong and the color saturation is way off.. anyone else having problems???

Neon Bowling!!

watching the balls...

elias and greta, i love how excited elias is.
aren't they too cute, they look like their flirting!


missLaura said...

Such cute pictures Rachelle. Elias is so big. He is so cute with Greta.

stone's eye view said...

Elias always has the greatest smiles!