Friday, August 29, 2008

Visiting in BC

So i am here in BC with Elias for a few days for my sister's wedding. The flight went really good, elias was great, but i have a bad cold and its been raining ever since we have arrived. 
I am the lamest blogger these days, i have so many pictures i have been meaning to get up, but lately i have been so busy, oh well. Hopefully everything goes okay here, 
if your looking for better updates i have been busy doing some photo shoots, so check out my photography, and more soon to come as i have a few weddings and family shoots to still get up.

Hope everyone had a great summer, and hopefully i will make it through this weekend with out to many tears... 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So were Back.. and expecting too!

So guess the biggest news we have is.. we are expecting Baby #2!! When i found out Jeremy 

was working away from us for 3 days and i couldnt wait, so i sent him and email with this 


I am thinking i am due in March, the 9th. So i am pretty early still not even quite 3 months 

along yet.. I am really anxious about this baby and hopefully will get more excited as the baby 

grows.. but that is our exciting news and soon will have another sweet baby!

So it been forever since i have blogged.. i kinda lost interest, but then i realized its a good 

thing.. to have these memories to remember even if noone reads this blog.. its good for us! 

Well our summer was crazy busy.. so much family stuff going on, some photo shoots and lots 

and lots of being in the sun and having fun at the Lake! We went to echo lake with mine and 

Jeremy's family as well ( hopefully i'll get some pictures up sometime), my brother got 

married, and we had a few reunions too. But overall a great summer, but really glad to be back.. 

for a bit anyways. I leave again for 2 weeks, ya i know.. we just got back and i have to pack up 

and leave again...well 1st me and elias will fly to BC for my sisters wedding and then to Alberta 

to do pics for my cousin's wedding.. so hopefully after all that i will NOT be leaving for a long 


And then for one last shin dig before Jer heads back to school on the 25th, we are going 

camping for a few days with Woody and Laura, so that should be sweet.. elias and jost will love 

being together..  and it will be nice to be by the lake for these next very hot days..