Friday, March 26, 2010

Best friends and kids crack me up!

So this Winter we put Elias in Skating Lessons. He was pretty excited to be on his way to learning to skate, so that then he could play hockey. Elias really loved it and was probably one of the few in his class who had not had not been in skating before. so it was taking him a bit longer to get going.. he was actually getting a lot better and loving it..until we went home for 3 weeks and then came back for the last class, which was superhero day. Anyways by that point he had forgotten a lot and wasn't too interested anymore. Oh well, we got some cute pictures. And he got to have fun once a week skating with his buddy Jost.
best buddies

so cute, Owen joined in on the fun

Speaking of Jost. 
okay so just the other day Jost and Owen were over playing and while they were here we played the game "Bingo". The boys would each take a card out of the bag and read what was on it and see if if matched up with their cards.. anyways Jost pulled out a Cat.. and i said "what do you got"? and Jost said a "Titty". I said what?? and he said a "Titty" (meaning Kitty). Once i realized what he meant i said "oh ya", laughing to myself. Then Elias piped up, "what's a Titty"? I said "he means Kitty". Then Elias says "No, that is a Cat Jost, not a Titty". Then they proceeded to argue back and forth, Jost  saying, "No its a "Titty" and Elias saying "No, its a Cat".. i was laughing so hard. It was so darn cute.. that i didnt want to stop them from arguing because hearing Jost say "Titty" was about the funniest and cutest thing i have heard in a long time.

Besides the occasional arguing over toys and stuff, Elias has really grown to love his little friend Jost. I love how excited they get when they see each other and how they both can't run fast enough to give each other the biggest bear hugs. There's nothing like having a little buddy to yell with as loud as possible and to wrestle with as hard as they can. Boys will be boys and these two are defiently boys. I will miss that and we will be very very sad to say goodbye.

Another one of his best little friends is Greta. These two have literally grown up playing together at least a few times a week since they were babies. Here are some pictures from a little trip to the Zoo. Which just might be our last, since we are moving soon and ever since Winter decided to bring its ugly face back..
i love this pic of them 
the cutest rubber boots

Ozzie and Nixon 
nothing better than puddles 
Also just yesterday i asked Elias if he wanted to see Kwynne and Molly for lunch and he said "No, Greta. Greta is better," Molly doesn't play."
 Sorry Molly guess your not quite big enough yet to compete with Greta. He sure loves Greta and it will be fun that we will live close so they can still play together.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sooo Nixon

this picture in so many ways is perfect of Nixon these days. Mostly his cute little smirk.
Those piercing blue eyes. And that he is moving up and down grooving to the music. You cant really tell but that was what he was doing when i snapped this picture. He loves dancing just like his momma and brother.

this picture just melts my heart.. love you little buddy.

This video cracks me up a bit, i love his little head banging going on.

Nixon's Dance Moves from Rachelle Cooper on Vimeo.
">Nixon's Dance Moves from Rachelle Cooper on Vimeo.

Friday, March 19, 2010

twenty-eight and counting..

So i'm 28, yup it was my birthday on St.Patricks Day (thats why my 1st name is Patricia).

And i just wanted to say it was wonderful. Seriously one of the best birthdays i've had, Thanks to my dear sweet husband.
Let's just say after arriving home late Tuesday night after co-doing the food for our enrichment night.. i was tired.. really tired and the last thing i was expecting was this:

could those cupcakes have anymore icing..haha
Yes Jer had took the kids with him and rounded up some beautiful flowers, sparkling juice (my fave), yummy goodies, and a balloon that Elias eagerly picked out, plus made a sweet little card to boot. All i can say is I LOVED IT! seriously i jumped up and down so excited.. i LOVE surprises and this was the most surprised ever, especially since it wasn't my birthday until the next day. Jer thought it was so funny how happy i was over something like this. But to me it meant everything. i love gifts like this.
Then we drank and ate the goodies while watching our fave show 24, all in all just great.

But thats not all.. i woke up after getting to sleep in until 7:45.. oh how nice is that extra 45 min. That in itself is a great birthday morning. But to top off the day Jeremy had made German Pancakes and everything and i mean everything was green. Yes green. because of course it was St. Patricks Day. The pancakes, the apple juice, the syrup and even the butter was all green, not to mention the dishes.. i couldnt figure it out at first wondering why there was green icing on the table.. then i realized it was green butter and i started laughing my head off, it was sooo funny!! He really out did himself this year, isnt that hilarious and so thoughtful.

I know he is so awesome, really i couldnt have asked for more. thanks babe for making me feel so special on my birthday. It was the best day ever!!

Oh and to top it off we had a girls night out last night for my birthday. It was so fun to get out, we went to Chili's had some good appetizers and dessert and a whole lotta laughs.
Thanks guys!
why i'm i the only one caught in the headlights here??

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nixon turns 1 and more.

So we've been out of commission for awhile. Got back last week from Alberta for 3 weeks. Finally got a new van, 2009 Chevy Uplander, drives so nice, lots of features and i really like it a lot. Our van is white.

So while we were home visiting Nixon had his 1st birthday on Thursday March 4th. We had a little family party, nothing special. Hotdogs, cupcakes, DQ icecream cake and a few presents.
pretty excited about his candle and cupcake.

my mom and brother decided Nixon wasn't messy enough so they helped him out.

playing with his new toy with Uncle Scott
I still can't believe Nixon is 1 already. I know we all say that, but with Elias I wanted him to be older. I was eager for all his firsts. But with Nixon i am holding on so tight to him staying little longer. I don't want to give up his soother and i am way more of a softy with him. Nixon actually took his 1st Steps on Saturday! It was so stinkin cute, but at the same time i wasn't nearly as excited because he just looked so much older doing it.

Here's Nixon at 1 year old:
- taking 1st steps
- LOVES the stairs, whines for me to put him down so he can crawl them whenever we go out.
-says "mum" and "go".
- is into everything, dishwasher, drawers, toilet paper and mostly the Garbage..drives me crazy!!
- favorite toys: balls, walker/car toy, blocks and cars.
-is so in love with his soother, weaning it will be hard.
- weighs 22 pounds and his height is off the charts.
- size 12-18mths clothes. pretty average.
- is a very good sleeper
-has 7 teeth, 4 up and 3 on bottom.
-favorite foods: grapes, strawberries, yogurt, corn, spaghetti and P&J sandwiches. Hates potatoes.
- graduated to front sitting car seat and lovin it-especially nice for me!

Here a few more pics from our little visit. Lots of going on walks, soaking in the hot tub and playing with cousins. 

Hot tubbing with Nana and Papa, could my parents be any more tanned??
The boys loved playing on Nana's piano while we were visiting.