Monday, March 15, 2010

Nixon turns 1 and more.

So we've been out of commission for awhile. Got back last week from Alberta for 3 weeks. Finally got a new van, 2009 Chevy Uplander, drives so nice, lots of features and i really like it a lot. Our van is white.

So while we were home visiting Nixon had his 1st birthday on Thursday March 4th. We had a little family party, nothing special. Hotdogs, cupcakes, DQ icecream cake and a few presents.
pretty excited about his candle and cupcake.

my mom and brother decided Nixon wasn't messy enough so they helped him out.

playing with his new toy with Uncle Scott
I still can't believe Nixon is 1 already. I know we all say that, but with Elias I wanted him to be older. I was eager for all his firsts. But with Nixon i am holding on so tight to him staying little longer. I don't want to give up his soother and i am way more of a softy with him. Nixon actually took his 1st Steps on Saturday! It was so stinkin cute, but at the same time i wasn't nearly as excited because he just looked so much older doing it.

Here's Nixon at 1 year old:
- taking 1st steps
- LOVES the stairs, whines for me to put him down so he can crawl them whenever we go out.
-says "mum" and "go".
- is into everything, dishwasher, drawers, toilet paper and mostly the Garbage..drives me crazy!!
- favorite toys: balls, walker/car toy, blocks and cars.
-is so in love with his soother, weaning it will be hard.
- weighs 22 pounds and his height is off the charts.
- size 12-18mths clothes. pretty average.
- is a very good sleeper
-has 7 teeth, 4 up and 3 on bottom.
-favorite foods: grapes, strawberries, yogurt, corn, spaghetti and P&J sandwiches. Hates potatoes.
- graduated to front sitting car seat and lovin it-especially nice for me!

Here a few more pics from our little visit. Lots of going on walks, soaking in the hot tub and playing with cousins. 

Hot tubbing with Nana and Papa, could my parents be any more tanned??
The boys loved playing on Nana's piano while we were visiting.


saigehansen said...

Awwww.....sweet little Nixon and Elias! Miss you guys already...

Debster said...

hooray for nixon being one! i feel the same way wanting my elias to stay small. we just got rid of his soother and it was tough! lots of crying etc. he still isn't over it. glad to hear you guys are doing well and exciting that you will be back in southern alberta soon!
ps. sweet van- hopefully ours breaks down soon

Jenna said...

Ok, Nixon is sooo cute! The girls better watch out!!
I am jealous of your van too....I love vans. They are just so roomy and practical!
I am excited to hear where you guys are going to end up!

krystyn said...

love the boys in the wagon, so cute! nixon is gonna be such a little heart breaker, and i love that the chair he is sitting on is so fancy and antique, he looks like a king on his throne!

Karen said...

happy birthday little buddy. we would've loved to do a double birthday bash. i love my uplander!! i lovw rhw pictures.

Karen said...

i don't know what happened to the last sentence i meant to put i love the pictures!!