Friday, March 19, 2010

twenty-eight and counting..

So i'm 28, yup it was my birthday on St.Patricks Day (thats why my 1st name is Patricia).

And i just wanted to say it was wonderful. Seriously one of the best birthdays i've had, Thanks to my dear sweet husband.
Let's just say after arriving home late Tuesday night after co-doing the food for our enrichment night.. i was tired.. really tired and the last thing i was expecting was this:

could those cupcakes have anymore icing..haha
Yes Jer had took the kids with him and rounded up some beautiful flowers, sparkling juice (my fave), yummy goodies, and a balloon that Elias eagerly picked out, plus made a sweet little card to boot. All i can say is I LOVED IT! seriously i jumped up and down so excited.. i LOVE surprises and this was the most surprised ever, especially since it wasn't my birthday until the next day. Jer thought it was so funny how happy i was over something like this. But to me it meant everything. i love gifts like this.
Then we drank and ate the goodies while watching our fave show 24, all in all just great.

But thats not all.. i woke up after getting to sleep in until 7:45.. oh how nice is that extra 45 min. That in itself is a great birthday morning. But to top off the day Jeremy had made German Pancakes and everything and i mean everything was green. Yes green. because of course it was St. Patricks Day. The pancakes, the apple juice, the syrup and even the butter was all green, not to mention the dishes.. i couldnt figure it out at first wondering why there was green icing on the table.. then i realized it was green butter and i started laughing my head off, it was sooo funny!! He really out did himself this year, isnt that hilarious and so thoughtful.

I know he is so awesome, really i couldnt have asked for more. thanks babe for making me feel so special on my birthday. It was the best day ever!!

Oh and to top it off we had a girls night out last night for my birthday. It was so fun to get out, we went to Chili's had some good appetizers and dessert and a whole lotta laughs.
Thanks guys!
why i'm i the only one caught in the headlights here??


saigehansen said...

Happy birthday auntie Rachelle! Love you so much! Good job Jer!!!

XOXOXOXO birthday wishes!!


krystyn said...

haha, headlights. you look great! and Jer is so thoughtful, those are the best gifts, the breakfast looks...ummm..yummy:)You should buy the other colors of food coloring and maybe he'd do it more often!

Life Is Golden said...

Happy Happy Birthday... can you believe I've known you forever (I'd guesstimate 22 or the 28 years) and I never new that you were named after St. Patrick's Day? I do know your nickname though, and that when you get around Kwynne you guys become two of the funniest people I've ever known... there I feel better...

Karen said...

haha deer in the headlights. haha i am laughing out loud. so funny. and good job jeremy!!!!! seriously, tell him to give brad a few hints for my birthday. i love the green ikea utensils too! happy birthday rachelle! you are the best!

ec said...

so funny. and i'm totally impressed with jeremy.

and getting out was so great the other night. happy birthday ... again!

Jackie S. said...

Awww...Good Job Jeremy, it's the little things that count the most because you know they're thinking of you. I bet all you ladies were peeing like crazy that night with all those big drinks..hehe. Happy Birthday pretty lady!!

Heather said...

impressive, on Jeremy's part, you definitely deserve it! okay and to bad I missed out on the birthday outing with some fun girlies!!! plus I can't believe how long your hair is! lookin good, as always!!

missLaura said...

happy birthday Rachelle, so fun to see you!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

My moms B-day is st. Pattys day too. She decorates the whole house and decks herself out in green!

Are those cupcakes from Safeway? If so, those are my fav. The mounds of icing are the best!!!!!