Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Nixon turned four on March 4th. Isn't it strange how as soon as they turn a year older they do seem so much older..its true though. Just the other day I looked at him from afar with his skinny jeans, sneakers and volcom hat on and got a glimspe of the future. How did he get so big? Nixon is getting so tall and so handsome. He is seriously so smart, he amazes me all the time. He's learning to read and doing so good and Jeremy does the world map with the boys and Nixon has memorized most of North and South America. He is also very athletic and excels at any activity or sport. He still is my shy boy at first and holding strong to being a momma's boy, which secretly I like. Once he is ready and opens up, he is the loudest person on the planet.
 Nixon wanted to have a hot wheels bowling party. So he invited a few of his little buddies.. they had tons of fun bowling.
that smile doesnt even look like him..

 Jeremy's boss, Dr. Le makes cakes as a hobby and I asked her to make Nixon a hot wheels cake and it turned out so awesome! The boys all thought it was the coolest cake. 

 All in all it was a great day, we sure love our sweet Nixon.. happy birthday buddy.