Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 Awesome years!!!!

So it was our 5 Year Anniversary yesterday...can i just say how much i love Jeremy! We finally were able to go on a date night just me and him. I cant even remember the last time we did that! I mean we go out but its usually with other couples or we bring Elias along.

So we got a babysitter and went out on the town!!!! First to eat at St.Tropez my favorite little bistro in Saskatoon, its so cozy and quante and relaxing. .

Its dowtown on 2nd ave and i just love it!!!
I am actually mad that i never brought my camera, i wanted to but jeremy
said you wont need it, well i wished i would have, now i have no pics of our wonderuful night!

Anyways it was the best meal ever!!! and the dessert creme caramel to die for!! It was so nice to actually sit and have a nice conversation.. i felt like we were dating again.. we for sure need this more often.

Then after that we walked down to Galaxy movie theatre and watched 10'000 BC which i quite enjoyed. It was just so nice to go

to the movies..we LOVE the movies!! and to get away for a night just me and Jer...i really hope the next 5 years are going to be

as good as these last 5. Things will definetly be different.. we'll have more kids, a house, jeremy will be actaully working as a

dentist, no more students and we will most likely be settled. That seems Crazy!! It will be interesting to see where we are in

the next 5 years.. either way they'll be Great long as i've got you babe i know life will be good!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

I love you more!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Turning 26, not too bad!

Well it was my birthday on Monday, the 17th. It was just another typical day for me.

On saturday night we went out to Red Lobster, which was so divine and it was nice to eat out even with Elias,
who was pretty good at the restuarant.

Jeremy gave me an early birthday present that day, well from him and Elias. This is what he made for me at the school.. he took Elias and molded his hand ( used the same stuff they use to make molds for dentistry)...isnt it so cute and sits on Elias' dresser. I laugh at how chubby his hands are. I really love it, thanks honey, what a sweet idea!

Then on monday morning we went to Krystyn's for St. Patricks Day and she made me a birthday cupcake with a four leaf clover.. so cute!

And on tuesday I went to our RS Enrichment, which was really nice, good food, nice speakers and they also handed out notes to everyone from there husbands. It's funny because i was telling Jer for my birthday i just want a nice note or letter from him..and i didnt get one and was very disappointed as he knew i was.. but he had already written me one for the Enrichment which i wasnt aware of .. so when i read this i almost started crying at Enrichment..It was the BEST letter ever and I just LOVE it.. i will share just one little part that was so cute...

"Rachelle the whys that i love you cannot be written or told but only felt. I love coming home everyday and seeing Elias rush to

the door, not only because it is so cute to see him run around the corner but because just before his head pops out I get to

hear your cheerful voice say Who's at the door, or Daddy's home and you always sound so happy even though I know that

you've had a long day."

Anyways that is just part of the letter.. but i just thought it was so cute.. mostly because i never would have thought that was

something he even would think about.. Thanks for the letter it made my Birthday!

I am so blessed...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boys will be boys...

WEll this is just another typical day

in the life of Elias.. full of balls, and trucks and books!

Just to name a few of his favorites.

Its so cute to watch him now just play by himself..

looking at books and playing with trucks,

while making VROOOMMM noises!

Check out those hands..he's going to be our little quaterback!

Grandma Hansen bought him his little bball track suit,

that adds to his bball net that he loves. He actually has

a really good shot and can throw the ball quite far and hard too.

Is it just me or is he looking so old.. especially when i look at

pictures of Elias i just can't beleive it.. Man time just flies.

Friday, March 7, 2008

"But, Honey you're very Satisfying to me"

Well i just had to share this..

Why as women, mothers, wives, friends so hard on ourselves.. why do we constantly strive for perfection??

I wouldnt say i am constantly striving to be perfect.. but i do find that I am hard on myself and i dont always quite feel satisfied .. with who i am, as a mother and wife, as a friend, as a homemaker, as a photographer, as a member of the church, in my callings..

This week.. has for me be a long one, ( with Elias being so sick and all) my patience has been going....and i have pondered

alot about what i really want and who i want to be..

The other night when Elias was freaking out about something, as he has been like this week.. i just broke down.. i needed to
escape and i felt like i was a bad mom for getting upset..

I said to Jer " i just cant do everything.. and when i try i'm just not satisfied..

Jeremy responds.. (as a good husband) " Rachelle, You dont have to do everything, at least not all at once".. "and you

know what,"You're very satisfying to me..if that counts!". Of course this made me feel better as i laughed.. thanks honey!

At least i know i am satisfying to someone.. Thanks Babe! I love you..

Anyways hopefully i am not the only one that has "moments" like this...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long lost friend...

Well last weekend Kwynne and her Fiance Dane Hendry ( Connor Hendry's brother) came out to Saskatoon. They are possibly
moving here in September because Dane wants to do Dentistry.

Kwynne and I have been friends forever, since elementary school, but since i have been married and she has been off doing school and that, we never get a chance to see eachother. Last Saturday we were planning on doing some outdoor engagement pics, especially since the weather was so awesome, but because poor Elias got so sick it didnt happen. We were also going to go out for dinner too , but that didnt happen as well. So they just came over for a little visit on Sunday right before they headed back to Alberta. It was so fun to sit and talk, and remenise and laugh about old times.. I hope so much that they move here it would be so much fun.

Well right before they were about to leave we decided we would just take some quick indoor pics, we only had about 15min, but
they still turned out Awesome!

Can't wait to see them again!

Much better...

Well so its been a long week..

Elias has been so sick and just so cranky, Besides everything else his back teeth are coming in now and so he just has been

driving me CRAZY!! I have been trying to keep my patience with him and all his whining.. he never knows what he wants, and

he gets so frustrated with me not knowing what he wants. Lately i have been feeling like my Elias will never be back to his old

Happy self.

Today has been better though.. i think he is finally starting to feel a bit better. He slept through the entire night with

out waking up this week.. so i can tell he is getting better and we might be back on schedule .. he also had a 3hr nap today.. i

had to go check on him to make sure he was still alive.. It was sure nice i actually got some things done around the

house..since it seems like I have had NO time to do much of anything this week.. He has always wanted my undivided

attention and i have had about enough Baby Einstein for one week and Cabin fever is really starting to set it in. It will be nice to

get out and go to the Institute Social tomorrow, I know Elias is sick off being cooped up as well.

It will be nice to get back to normal around here..

Sunday, March 2, 2008

2 ear infections.. what a little trooper

So for the past 3 days.. poor Elias has been so sick, runny nose, coughing, fever and so on.

I kept trying to decide if i should take him to the doctor.. then yesterday at the worst timing ever.. i was just about to go get the

Babysitter because i had an engagement session to shoot and Jeremy happened to be writing a test on a saturday..when Elias's

temperture rose to 104'F.. and he would not let me put him down.. so i had to cancel the shoot, but really that was the last

thing on my mind.. I was really worried, he has never been sick like that..we went to the doctor's office right then.

Poor little guy had an ear infection in both ears, the right ear was a serious one and that's why he had such a high fever.. He

also has the flu too. Everytime i think he's getting better his temperture rises again.. at least we have some medication for his

ears now and hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.

Its funny though.. even being so sick and all he still manages to say, "Happy Happy" ever so often.

What a little trooper!