Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boys will be boys...

WEll this is just another typical day

in the life of Elias.. full of balls, and trucks and books!

Just to name a few of his favorites.

Its so cute to watch him now just play by himself..

looking at books and playing with trucks,

while making VROOOMMM noises!

Check out those hands..he's going to be our little quaterback!

Grandma Hansen bought him his little bball track suit,

that adds to his bball net that he loves. He actually has

a really good shot and can throw the ball quite far and hard too.

Is it just me or is he looking so old.. especially when i look at

pictures of Elias i just can't beleive it.. Man time just flies.


stone's eye view said...

He really is looking old. Our babies are growing up!

The Whiddens said...

It's funny - when I looked at the FIRST picture in this post, I thought the exact same thing - He IS looking so much older!

Angie said...

This whole post seems a little quite familiar. Balls, trucks, books...That's about what fills Howie's life too!