Sunday, March 2, 2008

2 ear infections.. what a little trooper

So for the past 3 days.. poor Elias has been so sick, runny nose, coughing, fever and so on.

I kept trying to decide if i should take him to the doctor.. then yesterday at the worst timing ever.. i was just about to go get the

Babysitter because i had an engagement session to shoot and Jeremy happened to be writing a test on a saturday..when Elias's

temperture rose to 104'F.. and he would not let me put him down.. so i had to cancel the shoot, but really that was the last

thing on my mind.. I was really worried, he has never been sick like that..we went to the doctor's office right then.

Poor little guy had an ear infection in both ears, the right ear was a serious one and that's why he had such a high fever.. He

also has the flu too. Everytime i think he's getting better his temperture rises again.. at least we have some medication for his

ears now and hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.

Its funny though.. even being so sick and all he still manages to say, "Happy Happy" ever so often.

What a little trooper!


Anonymous said...

Oh I hate when they are sick, you're so sad for them.
We need to get together soon! Thanks for calling on Friday night (btw) Woody's parent swere in town so I couldn't go but it was nice to be invited!
You guys should come for dinner one night.

Rachelle said...

For sure!! It feels like forever since i've seen you..
also i never ended up going to the show on friday anyways since Elias was so sick..