Thursday, March 6, 2008

Much better...

Well so its been a long week..

Elias has been so sick and just so cranky, Besides everything else his back teeth are coming in now and so he just has been

driving me CRAZY!! I have been trying to keep my patience with him and all his whining.. he never knows what he wants, and

he gets so frustrated with me not knowing what he wants. Lately i have been feeling like my Elias will never be back to his old

Happy self.

Today has been better though.. i think he is finally starting to feel a bit better. He slept through the entire night with

out waking up this week.. so i can tell he is getting better and we might be back on schedule .. he also had a 3hr nap today.. i

had to go check on him to make sure he was still alive.. It was sure nice i actually got some things done around the

house..since it seems like I have had NO time to do much of anything this week.. He has always wanted my undivided

attention and i have had about enough Baby Einstein for one week and Cabin fever is really starting to set it in. It will be nice to

get out and go to the Institute Social tomorrow, I know Elias is sick off being cooped up as well.

It will be nice to get back to normal around here..

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stone's eye view said...

i do that, too. when they sleep forever and you have to go and check, just to make sure...