Thursday, March 20, 2008

Turning 26, not too bad!

Well it was my birthday on Monday, the 17th. It was just another typical day for me.

On saturday night we went out to Red Lobster, which was so divine and it was nice to eat out even with Elias,
who was pretty good at the restuarant.

Jeremy gave me an early birthday present that day, well from him and Elias. This is what he made for me at the school.. he took Elias and molded his hand ( used the same stuff they use to make molds for dentistry)...isnt it so cute and sits on Elias' dresser. I laugh at how chubby his hands are. I really love it, thanks honey, what a sweet idea!

Then on monday morning we went to Krystyn's for St. Patricks Day and she made me a birthday cupcake with a four leaf clover.. so cute!

And on tuesday I went to our RS Enrichment, which was really nice, good food, nice speakers and they also handed out notes to everyone from there husbands. It's funny because i was telling Jer for my birthday i just want a nice note or letter from him..and i didnt get one and was very disappointed as he knew i was.. but he had already written me one for the Enrichment which i wasnt aware of .. so when i read this i almost started crying at Enrichment..It was the BEST letter ever and I just LOVE it.. i will share just one little part that was so cute...

"Rachelle the whys that i love you cannot be written or told but only felt. I love coming home everyday and seeing Elias rush to

the door, not only because it is so cute to see him run around the corner but because just before his head pops out I get to

hear your cheerful voice say Who's at the door, or Daddy's home and you always sound so happy even though I know that

you've had a long day."

Anyways that is just part of the letter.. but i just thought it was so cute.. mostly because i never would have thought that was

something he even would think about.. Thanks for the letter it made my Birthday!

I am so blessed...


Laura said...

ok, Jeremy is the sweetest. He is so thoughtful! Sounds like you had a great birthday!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

soooo cute, love the little hand, how original, brownie points Jeremy!

The Thatchers said...

Birthdays are GREAT!! I'm glad yours was so good!!

stone's eye view said...

I am totally impressed. good picking! (of a hubby)
happy belated birthday