Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long lost friend...

Well last weekend Kwynne and her Fiance Dane Hendry ( Connor Hendry's brother) came out to Saskatoon. They are possibly
moving here in September because Dane wants to do Dentistry.

Kwynne and I have been friends forever, since elementary school, but since i have been married and she has been off doing school and that, we never get a chance to see eachother. Last Saturday we were planning on doing some outdoor engagement pics, especially since the weather was so awesome, but because poor Elias got so sick it didnt happen. We were also going to go out for dinner too , but that didnt happen as well. So they just came over for a little visit on Sunday right before they headed back to Alberta. It was so fun to sit and talk, and remenise and laugh about old times.. I hope so much that they move here it would be so much fun.

Well right before they were about to leave we decided we would just take some quick indoor pics, we only had about 15min, but
they still turned out Awesome!

Can't wait to see them again!

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ec said...

i love you kwynne.

and you are smokin' hot...good luck with the wedding!