Friday, March 7, 2008

"But, Honey you're very Satisfying to me"

Well i just had to share this..

Why as women, mothers, wives, friends so hard on ourselves.. why do we constantly strive for perfection??

I wouldnt say i am constantly striving to be perfect.. but i do find that I am hard on myself and i dont always quite feel satisfied .. with who i am, as a mother and wife, as a friend, as a homemaker, as a photographer, as a member of the church, in my callings..

This week.. has for me be a long one, ( with Elias being so sick and all) my patience has been going....and i have pondered

alot about what i really want and who i want to be..

The other night when Elias was freaking out about something, as he has been like this week.. i just broke down.. i needed to
escape and i felt like i was a bad mom for getting upset..

I said to Jer " i just cant do everything.. and when i try i'm just not satisfied..

Jeremy responds.. (as a good husband) " Rachelle, You dont have to do everything, at least not all at once".. "and you

know what,"You're very satisfying to me..if that counts!". Of course this made me feel better as i laughed.. thanks honey!

At least i know i am satisfying to someone.. Thanks Babe! I love you..

Anyways hopefully i am not the only one that has "moments" like this...


Anonymous said...

ji hear you. I have those days allllllllllll the time, good thing you got an awesome husband to say the right words!

Anonymous said...

Awe Rachelle, you are not the only one who feels like that! When I went back to work I felt like that all the time! We just need to give ourselves a break sometimes!

The Thatchers said...

Aww, so sweet!! No worries, all of us have those days!!

ec said...


stone's eye view said...

moments? seems like patches/days sometimes! you are definitely not alone!

Angie said...

Your definatly not the only one!