Tuesday, March 6, 2012

six months

Cash_5mths 2012

Cash is 6 months already. He is moving all over the place, rolling like crazy and pulling and shifting himself to get around, he is already into shelves and even popped right out of the bumbo chair that I had sitting on the island, I almost died, good thing I caught him in time! No doubt he is my most active and will be full out crawling this month. Both Elias and Nixon didn't move this much at 6 months so Cash is my earliest crawler. He also started eating solids, it took a good couple weeks for him to like much of anything he tasted but he now enjoying it and we love having him be a part of family dinner. He looks so darn cute and big sitting in his highchair. He's already starting to sleep better through the night and I am now down to feeding him right before I head to bed, but he still wakes up sometimes in the night for his soother. I was in the process of sleep training him so Pinterest was my best friend at 3 in the morning as I sat by his crib with my phone sshhing him back to sleep barley holding on due to lack of sleep. He's doing way better, at least I am not feeding 2 or 3 times a night and soon I hope he won't be waking up at all, even for his soother. Cash really had me wrapped around his finger at night, I just couldn't let him cry and he was sick for quite a while and being paranoid with what happened to Nixon I would always bring him into bed with me so Yes it was all my fault, but since I have been tackling the sleep training I am not quite as crazy due to lack of sleep.
Cash really is the light in our family, he is So happy all the time. People always ask if he is always so smiley and yes he is! His smile is contagious and the boys are always battling for his attention and constantly in his face trying to make his smile. Cash looks more like Elias, same perfectly round head, little nose and big blue eyes. He does have his own look, but is a good mix of both boys. He actually looks a bit like me when I was little too.
my </p><p>3 boys comparing ages 2011

             Elias @3.5mths                              Cash @6mths                               Nixon @ 6mths
When I first pulled out this sleeper I remembered having pictures of both Elias and Nixon in it and so I decided to do a comparison. Elias was so big at 3.5months this sleeper was tight and Cash fits just right at 6 months and Nixon at 6 months was a little baggie. I love this comparison, they really each have there own look.                    
Cash at 6 months:
1st stages of Crawling, moving and pulling self all over.
Introduced solids, loves it.
Not quite sitting up on his own, still pretty wobbly.
No teeth yet either, both Elias and Nixon had teeth by now.
Sleeps through the night without eating, well 10:30 tell 7:30 (most nights)YEA!!

Here are some pics over the last few months of our sweet Cash.
Cash 5mths pic2
sure loves getting around these days
Cash 5mths pic3
loving those big dimples
Cash_02-07-12 copy
can't get enough of his jolly jumper
Cash 5.5mths solids 01-07-12
tasting his 1st solids, haha