Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween-Our Little Turtle!

Well i really wanted to get out trick or treating to a few houses tonight, Elias's costume was just so cute and it was his 1st

halloweeen. We went to Becky and Arms, with Krystyn and Dyck and Karen and Brad and most of us dressed up. Krystyn and Dyck

were totally 80's it was so hilarious. Dyck had on the tightest pants ever and his hair to die for funny! Greta was a little monkey,

Ben was a little baby acorn and Briggs and Rugar were wicked pirates, everyone was so cute!

It was a fun night.. Elias had a bit of candy and enjoyed eating all the wrappers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Elias our little fish!

photo taken June/07 6.5months

Man.. Elias is so funny sometimes. I can't get over how much he loves the water.. if me or Jer ( actually it just happened this

morning while Jer was showering) have a shower when he is not asleep, as soon as he hears the water running he will go to the

bathroom door and bang on it and wine to come in and if he is in the bathroom with me while i am in the shower, he literally will

cry and try to climb in.. or he just stands beside the tub and gets all wet. I can't even recall how many times i have just brought

him in the shower with me fully dressed because he was crying to come in. I know i am a sap but its kinda cute. He just loves his

baths so much every night, and he loves to splash.. sometimes its like the river wild with him splashing everywhere. He just loves

the pool as well. I try to take him swimming as much as i can, actually we are going tomorrow so i am sure he will have a blast,

and i like it too.

So now i will go take a shower.. Elias is asleep and we need to go grocery shopping today.. later

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Check out my Pics!

Check out my Photography.. i knew i wouldn't be able to put up all the pictures i wanted here so i created another website exclusively for MY Photography.. just click on the link under " My Photography". Hope you like it...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well today we went to Jeremy's hockey game... Elias was kind of tired so it wasn't much fun. Then we went browsing downtown.. i finally bought a new lens for my camera and i am so excited to get using it. I really want to get doing more photography.. i really enjoy it and will probably be purchasing a backdrop soon, even if i dont make any money doing this hobbie on the side i want it just for me and my family to have.
Elias is just so stinkin cute.. man i love that kid, actually he's still my baby.. well for another month anyways and then once they are one i think they are toddlers, that scares the crap out of me. I cant believe how time flies, it makes me so sad. Today he was so giggly and laughing at the funnest things, he has this obession with the stairs. When one of us is behind or in front of him an the other one is holding him he just love watching you turn the corner ( we live up 3 floors ) and he just gets so excited and laughs so hard... i will miss that when he doesnt do that anymore.. we look forward to it everyday.
Well i better go watch a movie with Jeremy before he gets annoyed that i am still on the computer when we should be spending time together. bye for now

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Elias at the zoo
11 months

We went to the zoo today it was such a beatiful day. Elias is just starting to actually see some of the animals and pay some attention to them. I went with Krystyn and Greta, Karen and Benjamin, Angie and Parker and Carson, Corrine and her boys and some others showed up as well towards the end. It was a great day, then me and Karen went for Pumpkin Pie blizzards, they are so yummy and i dont even like Pumkin pie. I also had visiting teaching tonight.. it was good, me and Karen have some new ladies that we teach and we had the weirdest experience when we were visiting Irene. When we went to leave her husband was sparwled out on the bed in his tighty gray undies.. i almost died right there and so did Karen. I mean can you believe someone would just leave there bedroom door open like that when there is people over. I couldnt believe it, so hilarious i had to right it down.

Took the Pludge!

Well i finally decided to take the pludge and become a blogger.. not that its a negative thing.. i just wasnt sure how i felt about it. But i relaize now that i need to be putting my thoughts, feelings and especially journaling my memories.. since they won't last forever. I have especially come to realize that as my son Elias, who is now 11 months has grown so fast.. i have a ton of pictures and videos and dates on the calendar of all his 1st moments, but i have not been writing all the little stories and moments that happen in between and i want to remember all that, For me when i am older and wont remember and also for generations to come.