Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We went to the zoo today it was such a beatiful day. Elias is just starting to actually see some of the animals and pay some attention to them. I went with Krystyn and Greta, Karen and Benjamin, Angie and Parker and Carson, Corrine and her boys and some others showed up as well towards the end. It was a great day, then me and Karen went for Pumpkin Pie blizzards, they are so yummy and i dont even like Pumkin pie. I also had visiting teaching tonight.. it was good, me and Karen have some new ladies that we teach and we had the weirdest experience when we were visiting Irene. When we went to leave her husband was sparwled out on the bed in his tighty gray undies.. i almost died right there and so did Karen. I mean can you believe someone would just leave there bedroom door open like that when there is people over. I couldnt believe it, so hilarious i had to right it down.

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stone's eye view said...

what a priceless VT experience