Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Elias our little fish!

photo taken June/07 6.5months

Man.. Elias is so funny sometimes. I can't get over how much he loves the water.. if me or Jer ( actually it just happened this

morning while Jer was showering) have a shower when he is not asleep, as soon as he hears the water running he will go to the

bathroom door and bang on it and wine to come in and if he is in the bathroom with me while i am in the shower, he literally will

cry and try to climb in.. or he just stands beside the tub and gets all wet. I can't even recall how many times i have just brought

him in the shower with me fully dressed because he was crying to come in. I know i am a sap but its kinda cute. He just loves his

baths so much every night, and he loves to splash.. sometimes its like the river wild with him splashing everywhere. He just loves

the pool as well. I try to take him swimming as much as i can, actually we are going tomorrow so i am sure he will have a blast,

and i like it too.

So now i will go take a shower.. Elias is asleep and we need to go grocery shopping today.. later