Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Open W i d e!

Elias went to the Dentist for the 1st time last week, and guess who he got to see? Thats right, Daddy-soon to be "Dr".Cooper. He was pretty excited to go see dad, but since 2 students didnt show up to school and Jeremy had to work on their patients we ended up waiting an hour. By that time the excitement was over and it took some bribing to get Elias to even let Jer put anything near his mouth.. at first i had to get in the chair and have Elias sit on my lap, but eventually he did well and actually was happy in the end. It was also nice to see Jeremy in action, i have been wanting to get some pics of him for along time at the school, so it was fun to watch him working on patients and seeing what he does all day long while he's away from us.

Elias laughs his head off whenever he see this picture on the bottom right..he thinks he looks soo funny.


Jackie S. said...

He's so cute. I still find it weird/cool to go into Wayne's office and see him in his "professional" mode...kind of sexy!!! ;)

saigehansen said...

Dr. fits! Love you boys and love you auntie Rachelle and Uncle Jeremy! OH and, such a relief to have that moustache GONE! LOL Love you!!


Francis Family said...

That's so awesome his dad can be his dentist! And yay for almost being done school!

Mark and Laurel said...

That is so cute!! I love your christmas card thanks! You have the most gorgeous lookin family!! I hope you have a awesome christmas and say hi to your family. Doing nothing is the best!! I agree.