Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Leaving..on a jet plane!!

So we are officially leaving for Alberta today..just waiting until Jer gets home from school so we can leave. We will be heading to Raymond 1st to see Jeremy's family, it will be nice to see Jeremy's parents since they drove home from Utah on their mission to attend the funeral tomorrow. It will be really nice to see everyone!
Then we will head to my parents on friday.. my brother Troy will be visiting for a quick trip..he will be in Alberta for work. They live in Colorado so we only see them a few times a year.
Then Saturday we fly out to Hawaii!!!!!.
Don't worry i will take plenty of pictures for all to see.. Jer, Krystyn and Dyck will probably get annoyed with me!

Well hope everyone else has a great Reading break as well...Seeya!!!

1 comment:

ec said...

enjoy it rachelle!

for you and for me;)