Tuesday, September 14, 2010

part 2, family photos & our new little "buddy"

buddy_8346 copy
Okay so after last post, i had a few wondering who the latest addition to our family is, and NO its not a baby, nor I'm i pregnant.. its just "buddy" our little dog. We got him in August from Jeremy's brother, his family moved to the Carribean for medical school and asked if we wanted him.. of course Jer said yes, he has been wanting a dog for as long as i can remember, even though its not a BIG dog like he wants, he'll take buddy for sure. I wasn't too keen on having a dog, but really buddy is so low maintenance its almost like he isn't even here half the time. Buddy is 9 yrs old, he look likes a puppy because he is so small, he is a yorkie terrie, but about half the size of a regular one. He really is the best, so small so you can take him anywhere, he doesn't shed hair- which is HUGE, he rarely barks (only shortly when he gets excited and wants to come with us), fully potty trained and you don't even have to walk him and he is soo good.. he listens and is great with the kids. All in all a great little dog and we have really grown fond of him already, especially the boys. Elias loves to take him for walks and Nixon is always following after, i think it would be hard to go from buddy to a big dog now..
buddy_8361 copy
buddy&nixon_8324 copy
Nixon and buddy enjoying a popsicle outside..
Also in August we got some family photos done, i finally got around to editing them and for the most part they turned out good.. couldn't get my boys to smile or really sit still.. but none the less i was happy.
I am going to put some on my wall and want a big one of the family, any comments would be great on which one you like the best..and bw or color. Oh ya and i keep forgetting cause it been a while for me but i finally went blonde and i really like it. i have been wanting to try it out forever and i am so glad i took the plunge and did it, there is something to be said about being a blonde, its fun and different.
Familyphotos2010_5586 Rusty1w
Familyphotos 2010_5586 copybww
i am thinking this one maybe, bw or color??
familyphotos_5601 copyw
familyphotos_5671 copyw

familyphotos_5655 copyw

familyphotos_5658 copybwweb

familyphotos_5635 copyweb

familyphotos_5644 copy*

familyphotos_5590 copyw

or this one??
familyphoto_5590 copybww

familyphotos_5598 copyw

and these two i love.
familyphotos_5608 copyw


Sharon said...

i love both the black/white and the colour. so hard! i think you have to have at least one colour so everyone can see those amazing blue eyes your boys have. you're gorgeous with blonde and brunette hair.

Sharon said...

p.s. so jealous of your house trained well behaved dog. smart to get an older dog that looks like a puppy.

Francis Family said...

CUTE pictures! I love your hair too!
Ok so the first one I love the b&w, but the second family one up close is amazing because your all wearing blue and your eyes just pop and your boys have the bluest eyes! Love it.

Becky Johnson said...

You look so great with blonde hair, not that I'm surprised! You make anything look good! My fave is definitely the close up family pic in color, the blues are absolutely beautiful!

krystyn said...

love the one of jer with the boys, so perfect! i say close up family one for sure either color or B/w is beautiful!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

All those pictures are so great!!!

I am also loving your new dog. He is sooo cute!!!! Getting a 'gently used' dog is the only way to go. I will never do the puppy thing again.

Jackie S. said...

First off you guys are all SOOO cute and your boys are soooo big!!! I think if you are going really big for your picture I would do the 1st one in colour, but if you are going 11x15 or smaller I would go the closeup b&w. All of them are BEAUTIFUL though!!!

Jackie S. said...

I forgot to add the top one with you all in colour would look great cropped a little closer too so you can really see all of you guys!! Great work.

missLaura said...

so cute Rachelle. Buddy is the perfect name for that lil dog.

Karen said...

i say if you are going to make it a big family picture i would do the far away one in colour because the background is so pretty. if you do the close up one really big you will see every single detail in your face and hair. (it depends on how big you are going to make the fam picture). but if you are going to blow it up i would do the first one for sure.

They are all great pictures. the boys look so cute!!

the Woods said...

cute pics. No...beautiful pics. And awesome that you got the dog without all the work at the beginning.

Heather said...

Your family pics turned out great! I love the last- ish one with eveyone, the sun shining and Nixon looking at the camera. Your boys blue eyes are adorable!

ec said...

love the family pics. you are a beauty, rachelle!

and that might be one of the cutest dogs i've ever seen. i love the one of nixon eating a popsicle with him.