Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Just Dance"

 I love to dance so we get a lot practise (my daily exercise) and Elias in the process learns some pretty nice dance moves.

You'll notice Elias is just wearing shorts and no shirt, his favorite attire these days and displays some sweet dance moves-that i credit to myself-us Hansen's are know for some nice moves on the dance floor, they might possibly be a little nerdy at times, but still well known. On any given day we get our groove on, at least once, our song these days is "I've Got a Feeling"by Black Eye Peas. Whenever Elias hears it, when we are driving or out and about he says, "It's our song, mom" and starts dancing..

Needless to say Elias is know as twinkle toes, and is also known for some serious booty shaking. In the summer at a Family Dental BBQ/Dance the dance tunes came on and Elias took that opportunity to get up and dance with all the single ladies there, it was so hilarious, everyone was dying laughing-there in the circle of all the single ladies was Elias totally shaking it,

seriously so priceless.



Renae said...

Like mother like son, he is growing up to be a nerd just like the rest of his family. So cute, I can't wait to see them. Like you said priceless!

Lindsay Prete said...

That is way too cute. I love watching little kids dance. They come up with the funniest but cutest movies.

stone's eye view said...

I love the bump into the wall - doesnt even phase him.

saigehansen said...

Rachelle, that is so cute! I'm so excited to see you! That bump was hilarious, got the whole family laughing! Loved the phone call yesterday! Elias is so cute and Nixon is growing up so fast! Love you guys so much! Lovin the worm!



Angie said...

okay, so funny! my favorite part is he has different dance styles for each song, yep hes going to win the ladies over with his moves one day!

Karen said...

so funny! Brad said it was the funniest thing ever watcing Elias dance to "kiss the girl" at gymnastics! he said that he was laughing so hard because he kept shaking his booty and doing twinkle toes!

Chantelle Slocombe said...

hehehehe... Elias is so cute! i love dancing too! i don't mind if navy picks up on my dance moves but man hopefully not her fathers!