Thursday, November 5, 2009

my little skeleton & pirate

Okay so it was halloween, and i love halloween.

i love dressing up and having sweets and well especially dressing the boys.
This year i found the best pirate costume for Elias, everywhere we went people were laughing at how cute he looked, especially with his sweet gold earring, ya that was my favorite part too. He was saying ARRRGG all week and especially loved that he got to have a sword too.
And then i happened upon this cute skeleton sleeper for Nixon, and didnt realize until after i bought it that they would totally be matching for halloween, and well you know anything that can make a picture cuter is right up my alley. (:
This year the boys got to dress up 3 times, which was pretty fun. We had a little kids church party, then a sweet halloween party by krysytn and laura, i swear krystyn should hire out for parties she did so awesome! And then trick or treating come saturday... all in all awesome halloween. I seriosuly can't wait until we are done school and i can have a sweet adult halloween party and get some fabulous decor.

So on with the pictures...

could quite possibly be my favorite picture ever!

gotta love this.

and of course a group pic

Elias & Greta (the cutest bumblebee ever)

Kwynne's little Molly

and off to trick& treat..finally!!!


Ronna said...

Love the pics!! Nixon has the blues eyes ever...I love that kid!

krystyn said...

awww.those pics are so good! I do LOVE that one of nixon, he almost looks old man-ish with those sweet cheeks, what a doll!I think i will cry next year if the kids dont get to trick or treat together :( lets make it happen okay?

Karen said...

cute pictures!!! so cute. the one in the basket is adorable. Like I said, Ben is still jealous of Elias's costume and still talks about his hat. Personally, I liked the earring the best!

The Lowry's said...

Cute, cute. Love your little guys blue eyes and cheeks. Darling.

Renae said...

I miss them so much, those are the cutest pictures ever. I just want to squeeze them.

missLaura said...

Elias was the perfect pirate. He acted the part so well! Love those little boys!

saigehansen said...

Rachell I love the picture of Nixone in the little favorite oc of him! Elias looked awesome and Nixon had the cutest little sleeper ever!! Love you guys!!