Saturday, April 25, 2009

Belated Easter & the massive chocolate ball

So i still wanted to get some pics up of Easter time even though its waaayy late.. i kinda forgot about these pics.. 
Jeremy saw this chocolate soccer ball and just couldnt resist getting it for elias he thought it was soo awesome.. isnt it soo big!! I almost died when he brought it home, haha.
Elias of course was in heaven and actually it was really good chocolate so we all enjoyed it. 
I tried to get a few pics of the boys together chilling on the air matress Easter morning, elias of course wasnt too into it at first but then i got a few good ones. I can't believe how different Nixon looks already from when these were taken.. wow, you forget just how really fast they do grow.
i just love having 2 boys its so fun!

excited much!.. even Elias can't believe how lucky he is.
digging right into the massive chocolate soccer ball...
I think this pic is soo funny of elias.. this is the look he gave me when i wanted a pic of him with Nixon..thrilled eh??
brothers...much better


krystyn said...

O MY GOSH!!! Hilarious! I didn't beleive you about the GIANT soccer ball! that is the funniest thing i've ever seen! and I died at the first pic of Elias and nixon together...Elias is a carbon copy of Jer! good pics.

drh4 said...

That soccer ball is awesome! I miss Elias so much, can't wait to meet Nixon.