Monday, April 27, 2009

maybe i'm a little bias..

Okay so isn't he the cutest thing ever?? maybe i am a little bias, but seriously.. and i can't believe he is almost 2 months old already.. time has sure flow by.. man due i ever LOVE Nixon.. we have been sooo truly blessed especially with everything that happened to the poor little guy.. i am so thankful i get to see this sweet smiling baby boy everyday!! 
We are also headed to Alberta on Wednesday.. i am going home for 2 weeks while Jeremy is in Finals, I am being brave and traveling with the boys all by myself so hopefully the 6hr drive wont be a nightmare.. wish me luck!!


ec said...

i can't believe how fast time flies.

bias or not, he is freakin' adorable!

Ryan,Lish,Champ said...

He's so precious! I can't wait to hold him!