Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Meant to post this before we left Saskatoon.. anyways Here's a photoshoot of the boys, Elias 3.5yrs. and Nixon 1yrs. These are from a few months ago, but with things being a bit crazy lately they got put on the backburner..
My sweet beautiful boys.

i love this one, typical Elias face. 

classic 3 yr old smile..

man your cute.


missLaura said...

How I miss those sweet faces, including yours! It still doesn't feel real that you are gone. Miss you guys!

Life Is Golden said...

They really are just perfectly adorable... and such a good combination of Dad and Mom. I can't wait for Barnwell posts... I may be planning at trip home around Barnwell Days so I can come and shake my booty on the dance floor and play softball!

Saige said...